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Anybody here got a TIME or Tiny computer?

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Janh Wed 27-Jul-05 23:07:04

Only they've gone into administration

swiperfox Wed 27-Jul-05 23:08:56

I thought thy got into trouble years ago!!

My pc is TIME. And CRAP!!

misdee Wed 27-Jul-05 23:11:05

the comments at t5he end so and

strugstu Wed 27-Jul-05 23:11:20

crikey that was a close one- brought mine on line last year- and they charged my visa card twice - took 3 months to be refunded- computer fine tho.

Janh Wed 27-Jul-05 23:12:23

Our first PC was TIME - tiny weedy little thing (also crap!) but it cost about £1100 about 9 years ago - well they all did then!

I heard a report on the news on the radio tonight, it said the customer helpline will remain open for a time and they will do their best to honour warranties but 1400 people will be out of a job near Burnley (which can't afford that really )

Janh Wed 27-Jul-05 23:13:14

And there is no money to pay July wages.

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