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In two minds about this one.............

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QueenOfQuotes Wed 27-Jul-05 22:40:57


One the one hand I think what a complete waste of water, and not exactly what I'd call "art".

BUT, on the other hand if he used 800,000 litres of water in one month and Thames Valley Water pipes are leaking 915 MILLION litres a day.....and the amount of water that a lot of the general public waste maybe he was making a point?

Cam Wed 27-Jul-05 23:17:05

It's not art

Caligula Wed 27-Jul-05 23:33:29

What is art?

On that note, I'm orf to bed - good night!

monkeytrousers Thu 28-Jul-05 10:31:29


QueenOfQuotes Thu 28-Jul-05 10:32:04

Well yes I know it's not art, but interested behind his reasoning..

Hausfrau Thu 28-Jul-05 10:32:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

snafu Thu 28-Jul-05 10:33:11

Isn't this the same guy that pushed a peanut through London with his nose?

Gobbledigook Thu 28-Jul-05 10:33:36

Art my arse

QueenOfQuotes Thu 28-Jul-05 10:34:06

it was more the 'issue' behind his art I was wondering about, rather than his "art"...

SoupDragon Thu 28-Jul-05 11:00:58

Of course, he could just have set the water up into a loop so it recycled itself.

QueenOfQuotes Thu 28-Jul-05 11:02:43

he could but then I guess he was making a "point" about the 915 million litres lost each day to leakage in the Thames Valley Water area (hell that's a lot isn't it )

WigWamBam Thu 28-Jul-05 11:05:40

Perhaps it will have drawn water wastage to public attention enough for people to try and do their bit to save water - and for the water companies to sit up and take notice.

Although I doubt it.

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