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Anyone else reckon that the powers that be MUST have known about the effing volcano?

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blinks Sat 17-Apr-10 18:25:17

surely they must have had word before we officially found out... imagine the fallout if we had known earlier- no-one would have booked airline tickets and companies would have gone into meltdown.

now they can declare it an act of god and not pay out.

interesting that.

pooka Sun 18-Apr-10 09:54:56

I blame your family theyoungvisitor. They obviously have prior knowledge of this event. Who have they been talking to? HOw did they know this was going to happen? They're in the thick of it.

skihorse Sun 18-Apr-10 09:55:02

I heard Princess Di was living in a cabin near the volcano site but she upset the locals a la Liz Jones in Devon. <taps nose>

Nancy66 Sun 18-Apr-10 12:59:10

I do find it amusing that so many people refused to fly because of the risk of terrorism - but now when there actually is a genuine and serious risk to their safety they're clamouring to get on planes.

MmeLindt Sun 18-Apr-10 13:05:41

Don't you think that if the powers that be had known in advance, they would have made sure they were all tucked up at home safely.

Germany's Chancellor Merkel has spent days getting back from an overseas visit, flying via Portugal to Italy then driving up to Berlin.

Other world leaders have had their travel plans disrupted.

MrsGubbins Sun 18-Apr-10 13:30:55

I blame President Obama as well... he just couldn't be arsed to goto President Kaczynski's funeral so arranged for errant volcano eruption and yy to the big wind fan to blow volcanic ash all over Europe to make oh dear cannot travel noises when we all know that airforce one can fly in space or go underwater or somet, eh, eh... wink

skihorse Sun 18-Apr-10 13:41:49

I notice nobody's put blame where it belongs: Thatcher! grin

MerlinsBeard Sun 18-Apr-10 14:42:53

its been spewing ash for a month before it actually erupted.

ShowOfHands Sun 18-Apr-10 14:49:34

I blame bono. But then I blame bono for everything. Probably his expanding head causing a tectonic shift, causing lava movement, causing ash clouds, causing pollution that he can blether on about at a later date for a small fee and accompanying television exposure. Gnobb.

RunawayWife Sun 18-Apr-10 14:52:08

Sometimes God just likes to show us we are not as clever as we think we are,

theyoungvisiter Sun 18-Apr-10 14:52:32

well there's a lot of slebs in Iceland. In the 90s it seemed like you couldn't go a week without reading about some britpop band member buying a flat in Reykjavik.

So Bono seems like a fairly likely culprit to me too.

MadamDeathstare Sun 18-Apr-10 14:53:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MadamDeathstare Sun 18-Apr-10 14:54:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StealthPolarBear Sun 18-Apr-10 15:03:53

I blame reality TV
"I'm magma, get me out of here"

MadamDeathstare Sun 18-Apr-10 15:04:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ivykaty44 Sun 18-Apr-10 15:07:25

Even if they had known they wouldn't have realised that our normal south westerly winds would change at the same time and become northernly winds - would they?

As soon as we get our sourthenleys again everything will be ok - regardless as the wind will blow the ash north

franke Sun 18-Apr-10 15:07:43

Maybe "they've" found Osama and are smokin' him out.

RunawayWife Sun 18-Apr-10 15:12:28

Headline in the sun tomorrow will read....

Elvis alive and well, found BBQing in a volcano.....

Ivykaty44 Sun 18-Apr-10 15:17:42

I think the daily Mail organised this as they were getting bored of their other garbage headlines wink

Northernlurker Sun 18-Apr-10 15:19:03

This thread is hilarious!

I wonder how many aetheists will be demanding their insurers pay out - surely they would regard acts of God as a spurious excuse grin

RunawayWife Sun 18-Apr-10 15:22:04

Ok I admit it it was me I did there

Ivykaty44 Sun 18-Apr-10 15:28:54

aetheists insurance is not valid if you are not god fearing grin

Northernlurker Sun 18-Apr-10 15:34:00

Aha - good double bind! grin

JackBauer Sun 18-Apr-10 15:58:16

I think the volcano just needs a sacrifice, and in solidarity with SOH I think we should sacrifice Bono, if only to shut him up.

Then we could get Simon Cowell to organise a public vote for people to decide which celebs we can sacrifice to the Great God Eyjafjallajokull.

blinks Sun 18-Apr-10 17:09:13

i hereby sacrifice amanda holden.

MintHumbug Sun 18-Apr-10 17:13:42

"now they can declare it an act of god and not pay out."

erm - even if they knew 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years in advance its still an act of God or am I missing an even larger conspiracy theory here? hmm

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