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Anyone else reckon that the powers that be MUST have known about the effing volcano?

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blinks Sat 17-Apr-10 18:25:17

surely they must have had word before we officially found out... imagine the fallout if we had known earlier- no-one would have booked airline tickets and companies would have gone into meltdown.

now they can declare it an act of god and not pay out.

interesting that.

GypsyMoth Sat 17-Apr-10 18:29:40

Volcanos can rumble away for years, as many others are doing now.......surely you know that???

BariatricObama Sat 17-Apr-10 18:30:37

don't be a nob of course it is an act of god.

Rockbird Sat 17-Apr-10 18:32:20

How would they have known? And even had they known a little bit before, how much difference would it have made?

"let's not go to Spain for our hols in case a volcano flings ash out into the atmosphere and prevents all planes from flying..."

Not everything is a conspiracy y'know.

Goblinchild Sat 17-Apr-10 18:35:20

Few peoples in the world are as experienced at co-existing with volcanic activity as the Icelanders, and it caught them by surprise.

Did you also look out of the window and say
'I can't see any ash, they're lying and in cahoots with the ferry and rail companies?'

blinks Sat 17-Apr-10 18:35:25

i find it suspicious

<fondles beard>

and baraitric- if you're going to call me a knob have the good grace to spell it correctly. fanny.

blinks Sat 17-Apr-10 18:41:36

there was an eruption on the 21.3.10 and hundred were evacuated. there was talk of it triggering a bigger eruption soon. domestic flights were cancelled etc. funny that a plan of action wasn't implemented, no?

itsybitsy08 Sat 17-Apr-10 18:41:41

I doubt it really.
Maybe they did know, but didnt think it would be this bad?
We will never know probably.
it is an act of god. Even if they had known its not like they could have done anything about it! Sadly!

SoupDragon Sat 17-Apr-10 18:42:18

What sort of plan of action? Stick a large cork inthe top?

TheFallenMadonna Sat 17-Apr-10 18:44:36

So there was talk of an eruption?

So no cover-up then?

What kind of action plan?

Rockbird Sat 17-Apr-10 18:46:25


Meglet Sat 17-Apr-10 18:47:09

blinks shall we get mulder + scully onto it hmm.

LetThereBeRock Sat 17-Apr-10 18:49:13

Thankyou for making me choke on my chow mein Soupdragon.angry

Goblinchild Sat 17-Apr-10 18:50:45

So Iceland has around 130 volcanoes, around 22 of which are currently active. Sounds like an action plan would involve emigration for all.

BariatricObama Sat 17-Apr-10 18:51:15

i spell it nob, nob

BitOfFun Sat 17-Apr-10 18:53:17

<passes blinks a tin-foil hat>

I wouldn't put it past them though. Y'know- them...

BitOfFun Sat 17-Apr-10 18:54:11

ROFL at the Nob Controversy- I use both. One for Pedants' Corner?

blinks Sat 17-Apr-10 18:54:27

you're thinking of hob nobs. penis.

blinks Sat 17-Apr-10 18:55:20

<makes shelter from tin foil>

Coolfonz Sun 18-Apr-10 09:25:00


CoteDAzur Sun 18-Apr-10 09:27:45

Goblin - Even without the volcanoes, who in their right minds would live that far north, anyway?

amidaiwish Sun 18-Apr-10 09:35:36

many insurance companies are calling it "adverse weather conditions" and are paying out. because it is the adverse weather (wind?) which has caused the ash cloud to hover causing the airspace to close.

i think that is quite good of them actually. am amazed the companies are able to cover it. my sister got a full refund on the holiday she was due to go on today (but she's still moaning)

skihorse Sun 18-Apr-10 09:47:55

soupy Some rocket scientist on the Daily Mail comments section has suggested that as Iceland is surrounded by water they could hose it down. <snigger>

pooka Sun 18-Apr-10 09:52:06

Think the idea of there being some international coverup with collusion between Iceland and other european countries AND the met office and other volcano watching agencies is risible.

So many variables. When will it blow? Which direction will the wind be blowing in and at what force? Could have completely missed us depending upon weather conditions. Don't think that many people would have cancelled holidays if there had been some wooly statement about "there is a volcano that might erupt but we don't know for sure, and if it does there may be a cloud of ash, but only if the weather is in the right direction".

theyoungvisiter Sun 18-Apr-10 09:53:14

Wow - you really are a conspiracy theorist aren't you?!

I expect it's Barack Obama with a ginormous fan blowing the ash across Europe to try to put European airlines out of business.

Or maybe it's the evil climate change lobbyists trying to put people off flying. Their East Anglian email scandal was exposed, so this is their fallback.

Or perhaps it's Mr Dyson trying to increase the European dust coverage to increase vacuum cleaner sales. He has set up a bagless vacuum cleaner in Spain and is sucking the dust across the UK in the hope that some of it will fall on suburban homes and have to be cleaned up.

And the powers that be are aiding and abetting in this because... er... because... well, because they are all BASTARDS. And they love to read the news and stroke their white cats and say "we knew you know, he he he he"

Actually my family are holidaying in the UK this year to avoid flying. Co-incidence? Or maybe something more sinister...

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