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Stockwell - What would you have done?

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jampots Sun 24-Jul-05 10:33:52

I asked this on hte other thread but dont think anyone's answered it yet so What Would you have done if you had been making the decision in that split second?

Caligula Sun 24-Jul-05 10:35:01

I really don't see that there's any point in asking that question until we know a few more facts. It's far too early to make any judgements yet.

hunkermunker Sun 24-Jul-05 10:36:19

Agree with Caligula. Hindsight's a marvellous thing - I'd be very interested to know what information the police were working with at the time.

HappyMumof2 Sun 24-Jul-05 10:37:10

Message withdrawn

Aragon Sun 24-Jul-05 10:37:45

Difficult to know. He ignored a clear command to "Stop" on several occasions. The police not knowing whether they had another suicide bomber on their hands or not were in one hell of a position. I think it needs investigating but I suspect they did the "right" thing. Very hard though.

emmatmg Sun 24-Jul-05 10:51:18

heard on the BBC news that this morning that his name and address was found in one of the rucsacks found at one of the scenes.

IMO although it has obviously been a horrible mistake I think the police were acting on whatever information they had correctly. Even though we now know that information was wrong.... at the time they thought it was right so what else could they do?

HappyMumof2 Sun 24-Jul-05 10:54:40

Message withdrawn

emmatmg Sun 24-Jul-05 11:02:06

It was on an interview at about 6:45am this morning, can't remeber who the bloke being interviewed was though. Seemed to know what he was talking about though.

He also made a good point of saying "If the police had of heald back and he did have a bomb and another 2 dozen people had died, What then?"

I think they did the right thing.

Poor bloke was in the coming out "wrong house at the wrong time" he got on a bus, got off at stockwell tube station were the police asked him to stop, he didn't, they chased and he was shot.

emmatmg Sun 24-Jul-05 11:03:16

They had followed him from the house onto the bus BTW

Caligula Sun 24-Jul-05 11:06:21

And they risked him blowing up the bus?

It's all very puzzling, and I still think we don't know enough details about what the police thinking was, to say what we'd have done.

emmatmg Sun 24-Jul-05 11:09:32

caligula, I hadn't thought of that.....why would they let him on the bus?


Caligula Sun 24-Jul-05 11:23:16

The awful thing is, is that if he hadn't gone to the tube, I suspect he wouldn't have been killed.

It looks like it was his entry to the tube which caused the crisis.

emmatmg Sun 24-Jul-05 11:25:24

yes, i agree

Twiglett Sun 24-Jul-05 11:28:05

given the circumstances that have been reported I'd have shot him too

GetOrlaithOut Sun 24-Jul-05 11:32:13

ditto Twiglett.

Based on info I've read but we'll never know the full story.

hunkermunker Sun 24-Jul-05 11:43:33

I would too, Twiglett. Five times.

batters Sun 24-Jul-05 11:46:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gobbledigook Sun 24-Jul-05 11:47:57

I think someone said on the other thread that people have survived from 3 shots and the idea was to ensure no bomb was detonated. The only way to do that, had he been carrying one, was to shoot in the head more than 3 times.

hunkermunker Sun 24-Jul-05 11:48:02

Because if he'd had a bomb (which is what they suspected, surely - I'm not alone in thinking that they weren't doing this for shits and giggles, right?), any less and he'd still have been capable of detonating it.

noddyholder Sun 24-Jul-05 11:49:02

arrested him?

Janh Sun 24-Jul-05 11:50:08

surely you jest, nh?

noddyholder Sun 24-Jul-05 11:53:23

I am not jesting He was an innocent man in a thick coat and was probably terrified It seems strange that one man couldn't be caught by several police They followed him all the way to the station and didn't stop him en route?Why not?

hunkermunker Sun 24-Jul-05 11:54:47


We don't know! We don't know what they thought they knew about him!

Hence no point surmising!

Am I the only person who can see this?!

fuzzywuzzy Sun 24-Jul-05 11:59:49

There are a lot of holes in the police version of events here. Would anybody pile on top of a man suspected of carrying a bomb, would anyone even let the person leave the building and go somewhere where the man could do lots of harm to the public. If they suspected him of carrying a bomb why didn't they shoot him from afar, why was he chased, surely if he'd been carrying a bomb, making their presence known to him would have increased the danger that he'd have detonated the bomb........??? His poor family

Gobbledigook Sun 24-Jul-05 12:00:31

I doubt we'll ever know the full details that intelligence has. They aren't going to be able to release everything they know to the general public because there is still an ongoing investigation that could be compromised.

They won't be telling us every bit of information that lead to yesterday's events.

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