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Secuirty alert at Birminghams Snowhill station.

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nutcracker Fri 22-Jul-05 18:25:03

Station has been evacuated.

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 18:26:34

Bloody hell.

purpleturtle Fri 22-Jul-05 18:27:19

My thoughts exactly.

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 18:30:45

Any info, I cant find anything on BBC news. I do worry, as all of my family live in Birmingham, and I know for a fact that some of them travel through Snow Hill from work

nutcracker Fri 22-Jul-05 18:32:50

It was just on Central news. They didn't have much info as the news came in whilst they were on air.

They did say that either no trains or some trains would now not be running.

British transport police have confirmed they are dealing with an incident.

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 18:34:40

Whats going on in this world?

Distel Fri 22-Jul-05 18:36:00

Makes you wonder what we have brought our children into

HappyHuggy Fri 22-Jul-05 18:45:11

bugger [angy]

nutcracker Fri 22-Jul-05 18:55:19

200 metre courdon around the area and apparently it's the midland metro platform (hope that makes sense i never go there).

Also bomb disposal experts are at the scene.

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 19:01:46

Christ. I'll keep an eye out for that.

On BBC news 24 now. A man has been arrested carrying suitcases, and this may have had a connection with the London bombinghs

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 19:02:32

They said that the details are still sketchy however. Trains have been suspended and buses have been diverted

jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 22-Jul-05 19:44:40

man arrested and 2 suitcases being investigated by bomb disposal

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