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David Cameron's wife is pregnant

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Sabs1981 Mon 22-Mar-10 15:24:55

Baby is due in September

So baby could possibly be born at No. 10 Downing street....

Northernlurker Wed 24-Mar-10 07:57:08

'pencil pushing manager for the hospital'

We don't push pencils - we bill the taxpayer for very nice pens!

dexter73 Wed 24-Mar-10 08:01:27

StuffedFullOfNothing - you were quoted in the Evening Standard yesterday!

sarah293 Wed 24-Mar-10 08:11:09

Message withdrawn

Clarissimo Wed 24-Mar-10 09:38:02

Atlantis I don't know where you are but sounds like youa re having a really shitty time sad.

We don't have a HV either, a real issue as having 2 with asd and one with dyspraxia ds4 is very high risk. I don't think its Government policy though, seems HV's have recruitment issues so are changing bal;ance of their workload to mainly CP stuff.

We ahd issues with mat services too, at the time I had ds4 (2 in 2 weeks0 our mat Unit was declared unfir for purpose but has pulled itself up hugely now, luckily he was a HB (had to be delviered quicker than the journey to hospital would have been) and I found the community provision to be incredibly good.

I know you've been round the block loads of time with everything but if there is anything I can ever to help do cat me- in 2 weeks I will have the PostGrad cert in ASD (hlaf an MA wink) and am happy to write supporting letters etc and bung my accreditation on for you. I have found it helps with my LEA (although instead of denying need they now cancel meetings insterad to avoid funding <<bangs head on wall>>).

Clarissimo Wed 24-Mar-10 09:39:49

''No one doubts his devotion and tenderness towards his wife. One friend of his told me, for example, that although David is more highly educated than Samantha he never corrects her on her imperfect grammar'

What a gent


I correct Dh all the bloody time- it used to drive him mad until he started his degree himself and now knows enough about proper like usage to get decent grades. Did the habit of correcting him render me unsuitable for government then? Or was Dh excepted due to reallys trong yokelly use of language?

sarah293 Wed 24-Mar-10 09:56:19

Message withdrawn

Clarissimo Wed 24-Mar-10 10:02:03

Could be worse Riv

Dh grew up in Chard which seems to mean that his education was about chasing away car thieves with snooker cues and drinking in pubs aged 13 rather than grammar and maths.

sarah293 Wed 24-Mar-10 10:10:13

Message withdrawn

Kneazle Wed 24-Mar-10 10:16:48

nice : t-Mafia.html

sarah293 Wed 24-Mar-10 10:22:34

Message withdrawn

Clarissimo Wed 24-Mar-10 10:25:59

PMSL at telegraph thing- badly written isn';t it? Er some people were nice, some were horrid, and quite a few are voting difernetly to the average Telegraph reader.

Shocking stuff.

Kneazle Wed 24-Mar-10 10:27:13


FabIsGettingThere Wed 24-Mar-10 10:29:35

I have posted a comment. Getting sick of all the MN knocking.

Kneazle Wed 24-Mar-10 10:42:14

It is rather boring isn't it.

MumOfAPickle Wed 24-Mar-10 12:15:22

Just wanted to say fab post BOF. Spot on.

lottiejenkins Thu 25-Mar-10 09:36:24

interesting article in the telegraph

Clarissimo Thu 25-Mar-10 11:18:00

Lottie I thnk thats quite right, you cant replacre a child ever, but I think it can be a sigtn of blanket refusal to have your dreams thwarted by such cruelty, along with a need to reclaim control, or just a need to take a next step.

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