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FrenchGirl Fri 15-Jul-05 19:44:54

Sorry about capitals in the title, normally hate them.

Also I do not want to scare anyone, however dh got this e-mail at work and I thought I shoudl share it just in case:

The Metropolitan Police will be strongly advising everyone that the they
will be putting officers on tube stations 24/7 for the next week as they
highly expect another attack within this time.

The police force have been in meetings all morning and will be publicly
confirming this later on this evening. They will be advising the public
to avoid the tube at all costs for the time being.

This news will filter through to the media in the next few hours and if
it is not in the Evening Standard it will be on the 24 hour news

Please take care on your journeys home, please pass this on to as many
people as you know who use the Underground.

Piccadilly Circus & Leicester Square were closed for 3 hours earlier
(14/07/2005) and the bomb squad carried out a minor controlled
explosion around the station area - this is going on all over Central

giraffeski Fri 15-Jul-05 19:49:47

Message withdrawn

Flossam Fri 15-Jul-05 19:50:25

Well I'm on nights sunday and monday. Will be travelling home through rush hour mon/tues. Nothing I can do. Don't really appreciate the police scaremongering like this - if something happens to me I'd rather not be on high alert about it.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 15-Jul-05 19:51:21

this was posted yesterday, and the geenral feeling was that it is a hoax email....

hunkermunker Fri 15-Jul-05 19:51:35

This is total crap and I mean that in the strongest terms. Utter shite. I am a tube user and there is a high police presence at all stations - nobody is telling people not to travel, just to be careful with their belongings.

Total total total rubbish.

I realise you had the best motives for posting it, btw, but it wouldn't feel right not refuting it as strongly as I just have. And I have toned down my response.

melsy Fri 15-Jul-05 19:52:31

dh says this has not been on the news anywere, emails flying all around the office.

ZoeC Fri 15-Jul-05 19:53:19

it's largely by generating fear that terrorists can win

FrenchGirl Fri 15-Jul-05 19:54:24

well I can only apologise for posting it, if it is utter crap then as I said I do not want to scare anyone, dh travels by tube daily and has also mentioned high police presence. I guess I feel extra worried because I do not go to London and I only wanted to help.

Please ignore this thread.


Flossam Fri 15-Jul-05 19:57:46

OK, feeling slightly calmer now. Some of you may know I am a bit neurotic about this. I have just gone back to work, leaving my baby and I desperately want to be as sure as I can be I will be able to get back home to him again.

hunkermunker Fri 15-Jul-05 19:58:54

If it was anything more than a hoax, there would be blanket media coverage.

FG, I know you only posted it to warn people, don't worry or be

edam Fri 15-Jul-05 20:01:43

Frenchgirl, emails like this are usually hoaxes. There are loads of 'warning' emails doing the rounds, forwarded by well-meaning people. They are written by trolls just to wind people up. Normally they are just a waste of time but I think this is a really tasteless and cruel one. Notice how there aren't any contact details for the Met, or links to this 'warning' on their website?
If you get chain emails like this, best bet is to ignore. Or if you are really concerned, look at the website of the relevant organisation, or click on a reputable news website. There are sites that list recent hoaxes; try here or urbanlegends

edam Fri 15-Jul-05 20:02:56

Gosh, took me so long to find the URLs for the hoax checkers everyone else has got there first...

FrenchGirl Fri 15-Jul-05 20:03:38

thanks for being so kind, I did this in haste and I know if I'd thought for a second I would have seen this.
Let's let this thread die please so as not to upset anyone else

Janh Fri 15-Jul-05 20:04:13

edam, thanks so much for those links, I never remember to save them but this time I will!

edam Fri 15-Jul-05 20:07:24

me neither that's why it took me so long to find them.

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