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Crass or Clever????

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QueenOfQuotes Fri 15-Jul-05 16:06:56


In my eyes this advert is simply going down the same route as the "We're not afraid" website. Showing the terroists we're not going to be put off by them, and that London is still 'open for buisness'.

hunkermunker Fri 15-Jul-05 16:10:16

Doesn't bother me.

MrsDoolittle Fri 15-Jul-05 16:10:43

Crass I think. Not sure why. Maybe because it appears to be making light of such a terrible, terrible situation.

snafu Fri 15-Jul-05 16:12:43

Don't bovver me niver. Maybe it's a bit unsubtle but I wouldn't say crass.

GetMakosiorVanessaorOrlaithOut Fri 15-Jul-05 16:14:02

I'm not comfortable with the use of tragedy to make money which is essentially what they are doing.

MrsDoolittle Fri 15-Jul-05 16:18:30

That's it Get.........

QueenOfQuotes Fri 15-Jul-05 16:22:29

Lets look at it from the other side. I'm sure lots of people will currently be 'put off' visiting London - we're coming up to the summer holidays, Hotels and particularly B&B's etc rely on this time of year to 'boost' their incomes (in some cases just to stay open!). If people aren't visiting it could ruin their businesses.

Obviously Ryan air will make money out of it, but if they're flying people to London business in London will also benefit. IYKWIM

GetMakosiorVanessaorOrlaithOut Fri 15-Jul-05 16:24:02

Hmmm, still not liking it.


MrsDoolittle Fri 15-Jul-05 16:24:28

But was it necassry to have this kind fo advert?

I mean do you think people flying in to London will share that sentiment? I don't think so

QueenOfQuotes Fri 15-Jul-05 16:27:13

Don't forget in Churchill's speach after the "we'll fight them on/in/under x,y, z" he said "we shall never surrender" - I think that's the attitude that Ryanair is taking with it.

Obviously I can see why some may not like it though (before you all completely jump down my throat and I feel the need for another minor flounce )

Twiglett Fri 15-Jul-05 16:28:02

this ad has been around a while though it just has more relevance since the bombing

snafu Fri 15-Jul-05 16:31:04

imo, crass, insensitive and exploitative of a tragedy could be applied to, for example, the current BNP leaflet. Not to this ad. To me it's in the same vein as the jokes and quotes that Twig and hunker posted from that blog yesterday.

JoolsToo Fri 15-Jul-05 16:32:49

I've never seen it but don't have any real problem with it

GetMakosiorVanessaorOrlaithOut Fri 15-Jul-05 16:44:45

Oh, I didn't realise it was around before 7/7 - I thought it was one they'd thought up since.

purpleturtle Fri 15-Jul-05 16:56:09

The article said it was publishe don Friday morning

Twiglett Fri 15-Jul-05 17:30:04

have seen the creative execution before

GetMakosiorVanessaorOrlaithOut Fri 15-Jul-05 17:32:05

Me too Twig, but is this one inparticular in reference to last week?

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