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Meadows found guilty of professional misconduct by GMC

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mummytosteven Wed 13-Jul-05 13:14:35


tatt Wed 13-Jul-05 13:21:26

hooray. Stupid man still feels he gave the right evidence. His arrogance has ruined lives. I'm not sure what a suitable punishment would be but just being found guilty is a big start.

aloha Wed 13-Jul-05 13:22:00

YES! he'll only get a slap on the wrist, but it's a start.

ark Fri 15-Jul-05 16:00:32

he has been struck off! Gosh - breaking news on bbc web site

snafu Fri 15-Jul-05 16:04:10

struck off

LunarSea Fri 15-Jul-05 16:08:03

He's been struck off - here

LunarSea Fri 15-Jul-05 16:08:42

doh - crossposted!

Willow2 Fri 15-Jul-05 16:09:33

wow - that is such fantastic news

LunarSea Fri 15-Jul-05 16:16:06

Though it does mean that Bunglies case against him at the GMC won't now be heard I think. Can't help wondering if they knew there were so many other upcoming cases against him, and the publicity that multiple cases against one doctor might generate, that they've taken the soft option in a way by getting him on the misuse of statistics, rather than on the diagnosis and court evidence without ever meeting or examining the person he's "diagnosing".

Iklboo Fri 15-Jul-05 16:20:39

He's got 28 days to appeal too.

franke Fri 15-Jul-05 16:21:51

I think you've got a point actually lunarsea. I can't help thinking this is a hollow victory - all he's been found guilty of is misusing statistics in one case. And in that case the woman had her conviction quashed for another reason - i.e. another doctor witheld vital evidence - why isn't he being hauled before the GMC as well ffs?

I hope that this doesn't draw a line under this - for the sake of all those women falsely accused of having msbp. That's the real issue here which needs to be investigated, not spurious use of statistics, surely.

Hausfrau Fri 15-Jul-05 16:23:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

highlander Fri 15-Jul-05 16:53:01

what really needs to be done is an overhaul of the courts' expert witness system. It should be peer-reviewed to stop something like this happening again. Clearly the prosecution highly regarded Prof Meadows' research and opinions, yet statistical and epidemiological academics found his work flawed - but their opinions weren't called on in court - even the by defence team (I think, correct me?).

Many, many paediatricians agreed with Prof Meadows' work. He is widely known in the field and extensively published. It's not like Shipman.

What he did was wrong - but why was he allowed to make a diagnosis without meeting the patient? Why did the courts or the Royal College of paediatricians not pick up on this - why did they sanction this way of working? And, let's face it, it's not just Meadows who worked in this way; his professional practice came under scrutiny as a result of a high-profile case. Paediatricians won't work this way again, and I do think, to a certain degree, Meadows has been made a scapegoat for a judical mode of practice that is very, very flawed.

Janh Fri 15-Jul-05 16:59:22

franke, he was - Dr Alan Williams - they looked at him first. He wasn't struck off though.

franke Fri 15-Jul-05 17:31:10

Thanks JanH. I have a real problem with this. As lunarsea says, looks like that well-known gentleman's club, the GMC have gone for damage limitation.

Janh Fri 15-Jul-05 17:37:53

I feel the same, franke - I was pleased to hear he'd been struck off, until Lunarsea said it means that no other cases against him will be heard

Janh Fri 15-Jul-05 18:15:29

<<Professor Sir Alan Craft, president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, was moved to speak out at the start of Sir Roy's GMC hearing.

He said: "Whatever the outcome, I hope that this hearing does not overshadow all the work he has completed over his long and distinguished career, including on Fabricated or Induced Illness, which was formerly known as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

"His work has undoubtedly saved the lives of many children.">>

Undoubtedly? many? Hm.

marthamoo Fri 15-Jul-05 22:55:32

Dh just found this on the BBC. Result!

Did bunglie ever come back, btw ?

gingerbear Fri 15-Jul-05 23:00:14

He has ruined peoples' lives, and the old boys network have managed to rally round and get him off.

Janh Fri 15-Jul-05 23:02:16

Yes, moo! Her DS stayed with her last night and all day today

Hang on, will find it!

Weatherwax Fri 15-Jul-05 23:03:17

Bunglie has just got out of hospital and she has her son visiting her at the moment. I hope it is still going well.

Janh Fri 15-Jul-05 23:04:13


Janh Fri 15-Jul-05 23:04:55

Do a search, moo, she's on lots of threads now they've let her out

Janh Fri 15-Jul-05 23:06:39

Oh no she isn't, they were all old ones

(Too much wine tonight!)

marthamoo Fri 15-Jul-05 23:12:06

Thanks so much for that link, I might have missed it otherwise. I think even if I hadn't partaken of the old vino tonight it would have made me cry.

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