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really really scared... the bombers were on dh's train

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edam Tue 12-Jul-05 21:54:41

The London bombers caught a Thameslink train from Luton. Police have given the time it arrived in London – that was dh's train. He got on just a couple of stops later. And if I hadn't jacked in my job I would have been on it too. Terrifying. OMG if the explosive had gone off prematurely, what would have become of ds? Really shaken by this
Have already posted on the first arrest thread but so very shaken felt compelled to start my own thread. Dh is on the phone to the police now (they've asked anyone on the train to contact them).

moondog Tue 12-Jul-05 21:56:14

Fucking hell !!!

(I think swearing is acceptable in this case...)

Aimsmum Tue 12-Jul-05 21:56:20

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Tue 12-Jul-05 21:56:38

Edam, of course you have every reason to be shaken by this but I think the only thing to do is help the police in any way you can and be forever thankful that the bomb didn't detonate early and that your family were spared. xxx

soapbox Tue 12-Jul-05 21:56:51

Edam - I know you must be a bit shaken about what could have happened, but it didn't happen did it!

You can't live life worrying like this. Your DH is fine, you are fine - the bombers are in all likelihood dead.

It really is highly unlikely that next time they will take the same train!

MrsGordonRamsay Tue 12-Jul-05 21:57:25


MrsGordonRamsay Tue 12-Jul-05 21:57:55

If Moondog is swearing, it must be serious

Caligula Tue 12-Jul-05 21:58:23

Horrible Edam. Glad you and DH are OK.

hoxtonchick Tue 12-Jul-05 22:00:11

oh god, how terrifying. lots of love to you all. xxx

FIMAC1 Tue 12-Jul-05 22:34:58

Glad to hear you are both OK although shaken up -it just doesn't bear thinking about with relation to what you thought about ds....

It seems that many people were in the wrong place at the wrong time on that day, thank goodness it was not you and dh

WideWebWitch Tue 12-Jul-05 22:38:57

Scary indeed edam. I hope you're ok, god, I typed a load of stuff and it all sounded like trite platitudinous crap so I deleted it but anyway, I'm thinking of you both (all, actually, I read your post on the other thread where you said ds could have been an orphan had you not changed job and had dh been involved).

edam Tue 12-Jul-05 22:43:11

Have calmed down a bit now... dh spoke to police. He WAS on the same train, but not in the same carriage – people are reporting that one man was acting so strangely they moved carriages to avoid him. Dh seems to have been in the next carriage along (the one people were trying to cram into). Apparently his call was helpful in some tiny way as helps to confirm which carriage bomber was in even if only negatively.
I've moaned enough about dh in my time but thank God we've still got him. Very, very thankful. I thought this was close to home when the BMA was involved - somewhere where I do quite a lot of work. But didn't realise how much closer it really was....

(Hi HC, how are you, btw? How's life with two? Email me...)

tamum Tue 12-Jul-05 22:45:28

Glad you're feeling slightly better edam, what a worry. I remember when I missed the King's Cross fire by 20 minutes I was really shaken for quite a while afterwards, but it does get better, and it does make you appreciate what you have (trite but true).

edam Tue 12-Jul-05 22:49:09

You know there are lots of 'what ifs' and lucky escapes in this... the no. 30 bus wasn't supposed to be outside the BMA at all - it was diverted. I'm sure lives will have been saved because it happened to explode outside a building full of doctors.
One of my best friends's sisters was just outside the building at the time, but fortunately not physically harmed in any way. I was working in that building myself just two days earlier - arriving at the same time the bomb went off on Thurs.
Really weird thing is bombers may have planned the whole thing to happen earlier in the morning - dh's train last Thurs was horribly delayed by overhead power line failure or some such excuse. If any of you were travelling on the tube before 8.50 am, you may have had an extremely lucky escape...

Mo2 Tue 12-Jul-05 23:15:52

re - "people are reporting that one man was acting so strangely they moved carriages to avoid him"
It makes you think doesn't it - if only people had acted on this instinct further and 'reported' him, but let's face it, everyone wants to turn a blind eye to 'people acting funny' - British embarrassment and all that

Wonder whether people will start being more vigilent? There was a report too saying that someone saw a man on the bus anxiously fiddling in a bag...

edam Tue 12-Jul-05 23:27:57

I know.. but before the bombings it would seem ludicrous to report someone for being a bit odd.

VERY IMPORTANT if anyone reading this was also on Thameslink last Thurs before the bombs, and was delayed, can you let the anti-terrorist hotline know? BBC Online gave out the number, don't have it to hand any more, sorry. But police told dh they don't have full records of the journey, because it didn't run to timetable. And they would like them.

jobrown Tue 12-Jul-05 23:36:41

Oh for goodness sake, get a grip.

Not meaning to trivialise experiences of anyone actually involved in thursday's bombings, but sensationalisation of 'if i had been 2 minutes earlier' etc etc is absolutely unnecessary.

Every minute of every day we have near misses, what's that expression 'turn a different corner' etc. Don't put yourself in the same category as someone who was on the tubes/bus as it is clearly nothing like what they have been through.

essbee Tue 12-Jul-05 23:38:55

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow Tue 12-Jul-05 23:39:17

I agree Jo, My SIL-to-be saw the bus go up and I can't imagine what she saw, even she said that she can't believe she saw it IYKWIM.

handlemecarefully Tue 12-Jul-05 23:46:36

Shudder. Thank God he is okay Edam. But I understand how shaken you must feel at this near miss. Horrifying

jobrown Tue 12-Jul-05 23:49:05

but why is it horrifying hmc? Surely every person we come into contact with every day could be harbouring something nasty that we know nothing about? Rapists and murderers etc.

If I had just lost a loved one in the bombings last week and read this thread, I would honestly think 'wtf?'

handlemecarefully Tue 12-Jul-05 23:49:08


that was unneccessary...

jobrown Tue 12-Jul-05 23:49:54


lilybubble Tue 12-Jul-05 23:49:59

I agree that this really does bring it home. I live by Edgware Road tube, I use it regularly, and DH used to use it daily until 2 weeks ago when he changed jobs. It's frightening just how close to home - literally - it was for us.

I've heard 2 bombs go off before this, but am far more shaken by this. Maybe that's what becoming a parent does to you... I don't know. I don't think 'get a grip' is particularly appropriate tbh. I think this highlights what you're saying about near misses though. It's like the film "Sliding Doors" how the tiniest decisions and actions can change the course of your whole life.....

handlemecarefully Tue 12-Jul-05 23:53:05

Not your response to me personally but your post to Edam.

Because it doesn't bother you doesn't mean it shouldn't upset other people, or that it is not valid to feel upset by it.

I can completely relate to what Edam was saying and would have felt similarly shaken by it if my dh had been on that train. I also felt it was rather a cheap shot to say:

"Don't put yourself in the same category as someone who was on the tubes/bus as it is clearly nothing like what they have been through".

I hardly think that Edam was doing that...

and btw have you heard of survivor guilt?

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