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Supplelments and Vitamins to be banned?

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sharklet Tue 12-Jul-05 13:04:12

How crazy is this!

I hate having to take prescription drugs and try to use as many natural remedies as possible.

This Eu directive is about to be made law which will take off our shelves many vitamins and homeopathic remedies which many people use as an alternative to pharmacutical drugs.

Aparently it was initiated some years ago by a pharmacutical industry afraid of the inroads homeopathy is making into the market.

BBC News article

Jimjams Tue 12-Jul-05 14:23:26

I thought this had been rejected and they were staying.

Jimjams Tue 12-Jul-05 14:25:50


Jimjams Tue 12-Jul-05 16:52:38

update doesn't look too bad- not as bad as it could have.

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