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US Troops not allowed to go to London - media blown out of all proportion!!

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sharklet Tue 12-Jul-05 13:00:16

The news to day has been driving me mad!
What a lot of flipping nonsense! I am not sure if anyone has seen all the coverage of the ban on US troops entering London because of the bombs. The media really do blow things out of all proportion!

DH is in the US Airforce. On Friday DH was told not to go into London without express commanders permission. The same has happened from time to time over the past few years when the US Gov think there are threats, when things have happened in other countries as well. There are some events we have missed going to because of it. For us its a pain in the neck but its part of DH's job, he has to obey these orders. After a few days they are usually stood down and life goes on. To be honest as the alert status has risen due to the attacks DH and his colleagues have to be more "ready" and thats part of the reason for the ban they need to stay in the locale in case of a problem or attack on the base. (Unlikely as it is)

The media have blown it up into making it sound like some great evil done by bases. But its really no different to the Home Office advising us not to go to Bali after the Bali bombings. it didn't mean we didn't suport them or anything. Its so silly.

They hadn't stood down the order by this morning and it was a no news day - so the media blew it up into sounding like the US are all evil and don't want to help and don't support Londoners and the British etc. I was so annoyed watching the news this morning.

They were at the base filming them and all sorts. Poor DH feels like it makes him look so mean and unsupportive. Many of the servicement here are married to British men and women and feel this is much an attack on them too!

bakedpotato Tue 12-Jul-05 13:05:40

Hmm. Must disagree with you on this. I heard the US charge d'affaires (why is there no US ambassador in London? Why hasn't there been one for months and months?) on Today this morning responding to questions about the ban being inappropriate. He said something along the lines of 'well, only a coachload or so of US service personnel might have been going into London over the w.e. anyway, so it wasn't that significant.'

I think he really missed the point.

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