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MamaMaiasaura Tue 12-Jul-05 12:39:47

Just read article on bbc website. It said that homes in leeds have been raided and that the commissioner said that 'another attack is likely, there is no question about that. When, who knows'. The link is here

jessicaandbumpsmummy Tue 12-Jul-05 15:14:33

Just seen this myself, and thought i better check before posting a new thread.... scary stuff, but i hope they manage to catch someone!

babyonboard Tue 12-Jul-05 17:13:47

really scary..fortunately i am not working at the moent, so can stay in my (hopefully) safe corner of south london, and dp has just started a new job in kent, so no worries for both of uus. i know its silly, but i don't even want to go shopping in the west end at the moment..

Nbg Tue 12-Jul-05 17:16:09

Beeston is a nasty place. Actually quite scary if you have to walk through.

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