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Some birdie at the Independent REALLY doesn't like us

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morningpaper Thu 11-Feb-10 09:25:08

Hard-working families will not be found with the smug mums

"Reasons why the internet is a waste of time, part 74. Apparently the main political parties are taking their campaigns online to target, well, people like me. I'm a mum, you see, and, the website for middle-class parents who want to know whether Steiner is better than Montessori, or how to get that fiddly fifth daily portion of veggies into their little darling, is the latest battleground between the Tories and Labour."

"Both are running adverts claiming that only (insert name of party here) is behind the hard-working family. The only problem is, I'm too busy actually being a hard-working parent (both at home and in an office) to sit poring over worthy book-group forums and advice on how to do a weekend break to New York en famille... If Dave or Gordon wants my vote, they can tell me to my face, not hide behind the skirts of the smug mums."

Rather jolly cheeky

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 11-Feb-10 09:29:40

Oh bless her.

There speaks a woman who has ventured on MN, made some inane comment and got put in her place.

She reminds me of one of the smug and pious characters in Malory Towers.

I imagine she is lurking on here today waiting for the vitriol.


BitOfFun Thu 11-Feb-10 09:30:46

What a liberty! They'd fit right in though with all the Bash The Bone Idle Squad on here this week. Can't say that I remember the last time I did anything worthy -literary or vegetablely- on here, sadly.

moodlum Thu 11-Feb-10 09:32:33

Gosh Lisa Markwell you really have isshoos with us don't you.

The comment about 'how to get that fiddly fifth daily portion of veggies' is particularly ironic given her talking in the previous paragraph about her wheeze to get teenage girls eating exotic fruit "Girls between 11 and 18 always want to appear older than they are, so why not give them the impression that the adults are having all the fun by eating exotic fruit."

Pot, kettle, black anyone?

LeninGrad Thu 11-Feb-10 09:33:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tortington Thu 11-Feb-10 09:35:33

so the botom line is she works too hard to mumsnet.

bollocks bollocks deep fried bollocks.

if thats what you want to tell yourself darling.

if that is your 'uber' niche

see there are lots of people who need to be superior - there ae the "i breastfed until my child started university" types

"my child got the best scholarship in the world aged 3" types

and here emergeth a new one..." i work too hard to mumsnet"

good for you sweetheart - i shall weep for you

GrimmaTheNome Thu 11-Feb-10 09:38:38

I work too hard to read waffly columns in the Independent and do mumsnet.

morningpaper Thu 11-Feb-10 09:39:18

I read waffly columns in the Indie, and Mumsnet, and then miss all my deadlines

What gang can I be in?

ilovemydogandmrobama Thu 11-Feb-10 09:40:05

Wow. Oh well. She seems fairly balanced though. Looks like she has a chip on both shoulders. grin

SolidGoldBrass Thu 11-Feb-10 09:41:39

Maybe she's been bonking one of teh Beta Ad Agenchy small willy brigade and that's why she's cross?
(Not to any lawyers reading: That's a joke not defamation. So sod off.)

Merrylegs Thu 11-Feb-10 09:42:20

I work too hard to
Mumsnet but I still use it
to make a quick buck.

mistlethrush Thu 11-Feb-10 09:49:15

Yes - on the one hand "But we owe it to the next generation to eat more healthily ourselves, then teach them how to do it – even if it means being so uncommonly cunning that they don't realise what we're doing." But if a mnetter dares to start a thread asking for cunning tricks to do just this for her child that's just a pointless waste of time!!!

mistlethrush Thu 11-Feb-10 09:52:19

Oh - and I note that its mango and papaya that she's using - talk about smug grin.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 11-Feb-10 09:53:06

She is obvioulsy one of those infuriating people who bleat constantly about how busy they are, 'oh I have so many meetings today, oh I have such an impoortant deadline to hit, oh I am so very important and rushed and so very very overworked'. I have a colleague like that.

People like that just cannot grasp the concept that there are some of us who are good at our jobs and have a good level of time management, so can fit in a full time job with a high degree of responsibility, do the whole mother/wife/friend/gym/housework thing and still have time to piss about converse on mumsnet.

Lisa, love, have a look into going on a time management course, I am sure the Independent will let you put it on expenses smile

TheCrackFox Thu 11-Feb-10 09:55:19

I don't work hard at all but, get this, I still have the vote.

However, I will always be far too busy to read the Independent.

smallorange Thu 11-Feb-10 09:55:53

Gosh she WORKS and is a PARENT...


<speechless at sheer worthiness of journalist>

BariatricObama Thu 11-Feb-10 09:57:45

god the independent is dullerama. at least with teh dailymail you are amused by the side images of various celebs to sneer at adn you can work a good stomachful of bile, indie is jsut meh

GrimmaTheNome Thu 11-Feb-10 10:00:08

MP, you have special dispensation because basically you read all the papers so that the rest of us don't have to.

stealthsquiggle Thu 11-Feb-10 10:00:21

CrackFox - funny - I was thinking the same thing - given the choice between spending a spare 5 minutes on MN or reading the Independent - hmm, let me see...

EarthMotherImNot Thu 11-Feb-10 10:01:08

I mumsnet, and I'll slap the first person to have the unmitigated gall to call me middle class.

I'm working class, come from a long line of em and proud of it so put your mush there Lisa dear.

MmeLindt Thu 11-Feb-10 10:04:15

Well, I don't work so I am obviously not worthy of commenting. And I do not have much time for MN today.

Must get back to planning my dinner party and organising Torben's polo tournament.

AitchTwoOhOneOh Thu 11-Feb-10 10:07:10

lol, yes, the indie lost its shine a while ago, imo. i'm surprised that her ed let the word 'smug' through, though, it's very old hat since bridget jones' diary etc. my ed takes the view that unless you can prove actual smuggery with a quote then it just makes the writer look a bit needy and crap.

AitchTwoOhOneOh Thu 11-Feb-10 10:08:33

oh, and <snooooooort> at 'all-round sweetie Tess Daly'. Lisa's obviously never met her. grin

morningpaper Thu 11-Feb-10 10:09:44

lolol @ "prove actual smuggery with a quote"

ZephirineDrouhin Thu 11-Feb-10 10:09:45

She's very funny. Do you think she has deliberately modelled herself on Glenda Slagg?

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