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My kids blame the Germans...

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beetroot Fri 08-Jul-05 16:15:22

Message withdrawn

leonardodavinci Fri 08-Jul-05 16:15:48


spidermama Fri 08-Jul-05 16:16:23

How funny!

Blu Fri 08-Jul-05 16:16:56

DS, 4, would blame Darth Vader or the Normans. That's one of the rasons i haven't told him about it - and he might get frightened when mummy leaves him and goes on the tube.....

beetroot Fri 08-Jul-05 16:17:46

Message withdrawn

Blu Fri 08-Jul-05 16:19:23

My friends little boy thought that 9/11 had been caused by Aladdin.
(mix-up with Bin Laden!)

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