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Will mobile phones be affected by this.....I can't get hold of DH

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emmatmg Thu 07-Jul-05 11:56:23

Ok, I know I'm frigging mad asking this on here but I've sat here trying his phone over and over and over and it's just engagged.

twice it's rung and then sayd "sorry there is no reply"

Have rung his work and they say they are no affected but Dh has his break in london sometimes.

Will phone be going wrong?

NotQuiteCockney Thu 07-Jul-05 11:57:10

Mobile phones are out, the network is too busy. Don't worry.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Thu 07-Jul-05 11:57:23

all mobiles have been shut down temporarily so emergency services can use the networks. im in colchester,essex and cant get dh on his.

SoupDragon Thu 07-Jul-05 11:57:24

All networks are down in London apparently.

sparklymieow Thu 07-Jul-05 11:57:40

mobile networks have been jammed and I think they have shut down all networks to stop them denoting bombs with mobiles

Tissy Thu 07-Jul-05 11:57:40

emma, emergency services are being given priority.

emmatmg Thu 07-Jul-05 11:58:47

Jesus christ, thank fuck for that.

Thanks girls

mishmash Thu 07-Jul-05 11:59:36

Try texting - it is working for us to keep in contact with our sis in Gatwick

emmatmg Thu 07-Jul-05 12:00:23

I did get a text through but have had nothing back.


eidsvold Thu 07-Jul-05 12:10:12

you may be able to get through but he may not be able to get his msg out to you...

try this

emmatmg Thu 07-Jul-05 12:22:19

Are over ground trains all stopped too?

can't find any info, and can't think straight to search...

sharklet Thu 07-Jul-05 12:22:34

I've been emailing people to try to get news from relatives and friends there. I can't get through on phones.

Emma xxx

desperatehousewife Thu 07-Jul-05 12:23:02

many mobile phone networks have been turned off.

eidsvold Thu 07-Jul-05 12:23:55

try the bbc website - that is where I have gotten info from....

emmatmg Thu 07-Jul-05 12:26:10

thanks eidsvold, I've been stumbling around all the news sites but can't think staright to make a sensible search to find it out.

so am saking here.

eidsvold Thu 07-Jul-05 12:40:15

no worries

poppyh Thu 07-Jul-05 12:44:59

Keep trying to call.I have just managed to get through to my dad on his mobile in central london after trying all morning.

lalaa Thu 07-Jul-05 12:49:29

me too - i got through to dh about 30 mins ago via mobile phone. keep trying.

emmatmg Thu 07-Jul-05 13:06:00

He's just phoned.

Overground trains still running relatively well so I'm very very very relieved.

I hope yuo all hear from your dh's/sister/brothers/parents soon.

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