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Nbg Thu 07-Jul-05 11:34:25

Keep safe!!

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 11:42:43

buses in herts are also on alert right now.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Thu 07-Jul-05 11:44:35

u ok misdee? will this put a stop to you seeing peter today?

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 11:46:38

have been told to stay put. was going to attempt the train/bus route today, am so glad i didnt, as would be going into central london. will attepmt to get a lift tomorrow.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Thu 07-Jul-05 11:47:04

ok hun, best to stay safe. thinking of you x

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 11:50:33

his parents had no idea, they have been in there since about 8am. peter should coming out of the coma state today.

FlounceyFlossam Thu 07-Jul-05 11:50:50

Misdee, I saw your post and tutted to myself, DP said - 'why do you keep tutting' I told him a rough outline of how things are with you and then he tutted! You have his sympathies too.

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 11:52:19

tbh i am just thankfulk he is at harefield and not in hospital in central london. at least he is safe there.

LIZS Thu 07-Jul-05 11:53:50

misdee, getting caught up in this as well.

KBear Thu 07-Jul-05 11:53:54

misdee, how awful you can't get to him, I can only imagine how you must be feeling. xx

misdee Thu 07-Jul-05 12:01:51

there were loads of people in welwyn who had been travelling to london and had to come back, and were attempting to get buses down to potters bars, barnet etc. the trains have all been stopped.

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