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QueenOfQuotes Thu 07-Jul-05 11:19:37

but are stuck in the city.

I know Blu (very kindly) offered on another thread to pick up anyone's children in South London if any MN'er couldn't get out of the city . Just a thought a thread devoted purely to those who would either

a) Be able to help pick up children from school/nursery

b) Need someone to pick their children up for them.

would be a good idea.

soapbox Thu 07-Jul-05 11:21:55

Anyone need children picking up in Lee, Blackheath or Chislehurst. Our children's nanny would have space for another 4 children in our car.

She would take them to our home in Chislehurst and keep them there until we get home.

almostanangel Thu 07-Jul-05 11:22:14

i am in kelvedon essex can pick up if needed

sparklymieow Thu 07-Jul-05 11:22:37

I can pick up in welwyn garden city

anorak Thu 07-Jul-05 11:23:24

I'm in West Herts and will do anything I can to help.

emily05 Thu 07-Jul-05 11:28:34

I am in southend, essex and will do anything to help.

marthamoo Thu 07-Jul-05 11:37:57

I can't help - I'm too far away but I'm crying now. MNers are a wonderful bunch of people.

Norash Thu 07-Jul-05 11:46:28

I am in Grove Park

RTKangaMummy Thu 07-Jul-05 11:46:57

If I can help on the herts / middlessex border

please ask

Nemo1977 Thu 07-Jul-05 11:47:56

same here marthamoo am too far to help but just think u r all fab

alibubbles Thu 07-Jul-05 11:52:36

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Thu 07-Jul-05 11:59:00

I can pick up in Croydon. ALthough how yo'd explain that someone called "SoupDragon" will be fetching your children, I don't know.

dinosaur Thu 07-Jul-05 12:01:04

Yes, or even worse...Dinosaur's DH!!

SoupDragon Thu 07-Jul-05 12:02:29

Seriously though, you'd need to arrange some sort of security check so the school were happy the person had permission to take your child(ren).

dinosaur Thu 07-Jul-05 12:03:26

Yes, it's a fair point. But presumably if you rang the school and explained what was happening, and told them the "real" name of the person who was going to collect, that would be okay.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 07-Jul-05 12:05:06

My school likes to have a name and a physical description - DS1 was picked up by an emergency nanny once.

Marina Thu 07-Jul-05 12:08:02

Scaly mythical creature with attitude, shocking cook...

macwoozy Thu 07-Jul-05 12:13:21

I'm near Camberley, Farnborough, Aldershot area if I can be of any help.

RTKangaMummy Thu 07-Jul-05 12:14:31

who may have a bat with her

NotQuiteCockney Thu 07-Jul-05 12:16:13

How does one do the "bat thing" in person? "Here, have a look in my bag, it's full of biscuits?" Doesn't have the same charm, somehow.

Marina Thu 07-Jul-05 12:18:53

NQC that is the first time I have chuckled this morning! Bag of biscuits indeed...
apart from not being able to work my diet has gone RIGHT OUT of the window...

RTKangaMummy Thu 07-Jul-05 12:19:47

sharklet Thu 07-Jul-05 12:21:26

We're too far out to be of any as we're nr HUngerford. But if we can help anyone let me know.

Emma xx

cupcakes Thu 07-Jul-05 12:34:30

Apologies if I'm being overly suspicious or cynical here but would you really phone your child's school and say 'it's ok - someone I know off the internet is picking my child up today.'
I do think it's wonderful that so many of you have offered to help though, really I do!

dinosaur Thu 07-Jul-05 12:35:47

Hey, needs must where the devil drives and all that. But hopefully no-one will have to resort to getting my DH to pick up their kids! And obviously he's got to collect our own kids as well....

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