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Mumsnet apologises to (Beta) Advertising Agency

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JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 08-Jan-10 16:02:42

Dear (Beta)


Mumsnet would like to apologise for the strength of feeling expressed by Mumsnetters in response to the poster asking us to discuss our strength of feeling in response to the poster.

The reason we've waited until now to apologise is that the strength and nature of our reaction to the poster shocked us. At first we were not sure what to do. It had not been our intention to cause such offence, nor to attract such abuse.

We misunderstood the statement "Agree?" by assuming that this meant that the statement in question was intended to provoke discussion. We now understand that it was ironic casual sexism intended to draw attention to advertising space.

We also misunderstood the statement "If you've got an opinion, here's where to stick it" as suggesting that this was intended to trigger controversial debate. We now understand that it was a request to increase traffic to the advertiser's website and not to enter into a wider public debate all over the internet.

We accept that in some cases that debate slipped into puerile, juvenile and offensive language. And Haikus.

So in particular, we would like to extend our heartfelt apology to any career persons that we might have offended at the offices of (Beta) and in the wider outdoor advertising industry.

We are profoundly sorry. We hope our apology is accepted.

Mumsnet HQ

NomDePlume Fri 08-Jan-10 16:04:42


CMOTdibbler Fri 08-Jan-10 16:05:04

biscuit grin

ChickensHaveFrozenNuggets Fri 08-Jan-10 16:07:12

A work of art. Truly <claps in a dignified manner>

morningpaper Fri 08-Jan-10 16:07:34


Aw that's so moving

Perhaps you should post it on Britainthinks as a talking point?

Rossco Fri 08-Jan-10 16:07:37


BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 08-Jan-10 16:08:38

oh lol

policygarry Fri 08-Jan-10 16:08:55

<reminds self NEVER to cross Justine>


midnightexpress Fri 08-Jan-10 16:09:05

Hurrah for MN grin

traceybath Fri 08-Jan-10 16:09:47

Funny ladies.

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 08-Jan-10 16:10:39

(It's all MPs work)

BecauseImGarry Fri 08-Jan-10 16:10:56

I think that's worthy of a very large <snigger>

And I'm guessing that you probably are in need of a very large g&t over there at MNHQ!

PandaG Fri 08-Jan-10 16:10:59


moodlum Fri 08-Jan-10 16:11:24

<snorts tea out of nose in mirth>

Justine.. You rock.

BecauseImGarry Fri 08-Jan-10 16:11:59

(but I still want the haikus back)

ZephirineDrouhin Fri 08-Jan-10 16:12:22

<wild applause>

Good work, Justine grin

Heqet Fri 08-Jan-10 16:13:04

say what? [head spinning emoticon]

morningpaper Fri 08-Jan-10 16:14:41

Now we've all made friends again, you see?

It's very lovely

I might unbutton my shirt

HerBeatitude Fri 08-Jan-10 16:14:43


Have you sent it to Campaign?

WilfSell Fri 08-Jan-10 16:15:12

heh heh heh

VAIR cutting dignified.

Cyclops Fri 08-Jan-10 16:16:08

An apology
From MN Towers did come
Soft, silky and smooth

dittany Fri 08-Jan-10 16:16:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LeninGrad Fri 08-Jan-10 16:16:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BecauseImGarry Fri 08-Jan-10 16:16:26

morningpaper. Put those babies away.

cyteen Fri 08-Jan-10 16:16:29

Only a haiku will do.


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