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OAA Apologise for "Career Women Make Bad Mothers" Campaign

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OAA Wed 06-Jan-10 16:16:05

The OAA are running a campaign to demonstrate the power of outdoor advertising to drive people online. This is being done in conjunction with a new website called ? which encourages debate amongst the people of Britain.

We regret any misunderstanding that led to feelings of offence on the part of members of the Mumsnet community.

The intention of the website is to generate debate by posing questions that are deemed to be socially relevant by members of society.

We did not intend to cause any offence and we would stress that the questions posed were not the opinions of the OAA or any of its members.

Three posters were designed to initiate the debate using sport, life and politics and these are supported by dozens of other questions on the website itself.

Regrettably the question relating to ?career women? has caused offence and the OAA unreservedly apologises to anyone who has been offended. This was not our intention and, to ensure that this misunderstanding does not persist, instructions have been given to remove this poster.

Subject to the vagaries of the weather, all copy will be removed as soon as possible. The sites currently carrying this poster will be either blanked-out or carry one of the other designs. The poster will also be removed from the ? website. All Digital posters have already been removed.

squeaver Wed 06-Jan-10 17:49:36

Oh I missed all this, but well done. Good work all round.

Thought you might all want to know that I have met Gary Lace professionally and he is exactly the type of twunt that you would expect him to be.

domesticslattern Wed 06-Jan-10 18:04:16

Well done sisters.

"Misunderstanding" my arse.

scottishmummy Wed 06-Jan-10 18:10:12

Guardian says ad removed after complaints
Yay,it was vapid and deliberately provocative

rubyslippers Wed 06-Jan-10 18:14:05

>> "The campaign was devised by veteran creative Garry Lace, from the Beta agency, to show the power of billboard advertising as an alternative to digital advertising. He was unavailable for comment at the time of publication"

i bet he was unavailable for comment <<snort>>

well done to MrsBaldwin for kicking this all off

dittany Wed 06-Jan-10 18:16:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HerBeatitude Wed 06-Jan-10 18:21:16

Yeah - and loads of them work in the ad industry.

(What percentage of agency board directors are mothers?)

wahwah Wed 06-Jan-10 18:47:01

So they wheel out the girly:

^'The strategy head of Beta, Sharon Johnson, said: "There has been a misunderstanding with an important mothers' forum about this campaign which is about sparking a debate. It is not what the campaign thinks. But rather than offend people the decision has been taken to replace the posters saying 'Working women make bad mothers' with other slogans which work just as effectively."^

Actually, Sharon it is what we think. Your company chose not to spark debate with statements such as 'gay men aren't safe babysitters' or 'poor people shouldn't have children', you thought women were so used to casual sexism that we'd not bother. Shame on you for being part of this nonsense.

Harriedandflustered Wed 06-Jan-10 19:07:50

While we have the OAA here, I'd just like to give their equal opportunities policy a roadtest with three questions:

How many women do you have on your board of directors and what is the ratio of women to men on that board?

How many women executives do you have at sub-board level and what is the ratio of women to men at that level?

How did you happen to pick casual misogyny to initiate a debate?

nickytwotimes Wed 06-Jan-10 19:12:28

An apology is appreciated, but please do not expect us to buy the 'misunderstanding' statement. Yet another insult to intelligence.

HerBeatitude Wed 06-Jan-10 19:13:39

I think % of mothers is more relevant than %of women. It tends to be motherhood which scuppers a woman's career in adland.

Swedington Wed 06-Jan-10 19:14:48

Mrs Baldwin - Now that is how to run a campaign. Well done you, and all the people you motivated to write in. High fives. Respect. And awe. grin

<<glugs celebratory red wine>>

nickytwotimes Wed 06-Jan-10 19:17:44

oh, soory, yes. blush Well done to MrsB and the other writer-iners. smile

Swedington Wed 06-Jan-10 19:22:29

MrsBaldwin - It would be marvellous if the )AA replaced their misguided slogan with "How on earth do men manage to combine a full-time career and children?"

People ask women this all the time. They never ask men.

HerBeatitude Wed 06-Jan-10 19:23:49

I have just noticed that one of my posts from yesterday has been deleted. I have no idea why, I can't remember libelling or personally insulting anybody. hmm

Swedington Wed 06-Jan-10 19:25:14

OAA - Might you let Mumsnet come up with a replacement slogan?

HerBeatitude Wed 06-Jan-10 19:27:16

How about "Men who do more housework get more sex"?

That one's true, btw. (In general, obv - I'm sure there are exceptions.)

Katz Wed 06-Jan-10 19:29:27

well done everyone

justaboutandhernewbaby Wed 06-Jan-10 19:29:43

Message withdrawn

whomovedmychocolate Wed 06-Jan-10 19:30:07

I'm pretty sure I didn't understand.

If I wrote 'black people steal' on a bus, I would rightly be not allowed to use the defence 'you have misunderstood' when the police came to discuss it with me and press charges would I? Because reasonably some black people might steal, in the same way that some career women probably do make bad mothers.

That's not a misunderstanding. I cannot believe you did not know how offensive that was. So you have not only been hugely offensive but now you are being patronising too!

Pathetic - that's what it is - shame on you! angry

CMOTdibbler Wed 06-Jan-10 19:30:38

I notice that the other slogans used in the campaign are not really controversial, nor do they single out a group.

So, good on you OAA for pulling this offensive, misogynistic ad, but a huge boo hiss for being such twunts as to allow it out in your name to begin with

morningpaper Wed 06-Jan-10 19:30:53

result - I am SURPRISED

well DONE MrsB

Ronaldinhio Wed 06-Jan-10 19:32:50

well done miladies

HerHonesty Wed 06-Jan-10 19:40:37

Im sorry but that apology is a load of f'ing tosh. its not just mumsnetters that are offended - but pretty much every working mother (oh and yes, by the way, some of us work in advertising and marketing too) and also it is a completely irrelevant social question.

lets just sit back and wait and see which group tosser gary managed to piss off next.

HerBeatitude Wed 06-Jan-10 19:43:33

The very term "career women" is so astonishly outdated.

It's like referring to Take That as "a popular beat combo".

(Who are the Beatles?)

latestincarnation Wed 06-Jan-10 19:49:39

Wow! Congratulations MrsBaldwin and all the other writeriners - very impressive result

The apology is however a load of damage limitation tosh that still doesn't address the basic problem: that no one in the making of the campaign realised/cared that the statement was misogynistic crap, inappropriate sexist drivel that if similar had been said about any other group, it would not of been ok'd.

Admen, for example, are...

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