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'Career women make bad mothers' ad to run on side of buses

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mrsbaldwin Mon 04-Jan-10 15:48:03

Message withdrawn

HerBeatitude Mon 04-Jan-10 19:26:31

Message withdrawn

annh Mon 04-Jan-10 19:26:52

Surely that could be reported to the Advertising Standards Association? Mrs Crocoduck, being a career woman is not mutually exclusive to loving your children dearly or looking after them! There are an awful lot of hours left over after work is done!

Awassailinglookingforanswers Mon 04-Jan-10 19:27:40

mrscroco - you seem to have some sort of axe to grind with working mothers?

HerBeatitude Mon 04-Jan-10 19:29:14

oh god let's not argue about the central proposition or take mrscrockdick seriously, that's us doing what they want. Let's talk about what a bunch of wankers adland are, how sexist they are, what jurassic working practices so many of them still have and how I will urge my dd not to have anything to do with them unless the industry has completely revolutionised its attitude to women by the time she is of an age to take up a career.

Awassailinglookingforanswers Mon 04-Jan-10 19:29:29

quality over quantity is my mantra

(and no I don't work)

rainbowinthesky Mon 04-Jan-10 19:29:33

I don't know any working mothers who leave their children with strangers. I didn't really understand your point about a child whose parents are working not being raised by them so I ask again who is raising the child if the parents both work???

What about fathers? Are they not raising their child and are they bad parents for working??

havoc Mon 04-Jan-10 19:29:56

Agree with TinaSparkles, if it isn't a breach of the sex discrimination act, it should be. No one would ever say 'Working Men make bad fathers'

FunnyLittleFrog Mon 04-Jan-10 19:30:20

Message withdrawn

andiem Mon 04-Jan-10 19:31:09

mrscroco are you really Mrs Gary Lace hmm

dittany Mon 04-Jan-10 19:31:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DorotheaPlenticlew Mon 04-Jan-10 19:34:34


FlightAttendant Mon 04-Jan-10 19:35:21

Message withdrawn

Harriedandflustered Mon 04-Jan-10 19:36:01

Message withdrawn

dittany Mon 04-Jan-10 19:37:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BitOfFun Mon 04-Jan-10 19:38:45

Are there meny mothers in marketing firms like this? It all sounds a bit Mad Men to me.

smallorange Mon 04-Jan-10 19:40:00

What is a 'career woman' exactly ? Is it the same as a 'career man?'

This ad has seriously pissed me off

skidoodle Mon 04-Jan-10 19:40:56

WTF is a "career" woman?

As far as I can see it's a pejorative term in itself that sneers at women's aspirations to have interesting jobs that matter to them, whether or not they have children.

I've never heard of a "career man" so I don't recognise the existence of the "career woman", the whole notion is insulting and demeaning.

smallorange Mon 04-Jan-10 19:41:11

Yes working mothers are going to feel great getting on that bus....

DorotheaPlenticlew Mon 04-Jan-10 19:41:25

Ahem. Now that I have recovered ...

What is the best way to deny someone like this the triumph they no doubt crave? I suppose (sigh) it may be best to just ignore it and rise above it, but I for one will find it hard to do so. And I don't have any other way of getting around town apart from buses.

dittany Mon 04-Jan-10 19:44:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Awassailinglookingforanswers Mon 04-Jan-10 19:46:05

if I were a working mother (and I'm not) I'd get on the bus with a frigging great T-shirt saing

"mothers on benefits are better parents" wink

DorotheaPlenticlew Mon 04-Jan-10 19:48:33

FFS, have you lot seen some of the comments at brandrepublic? Follow link in OP

EdgarAleNPie Mon 04-Jan-10 19:49:49

hang on - isn't the point of this to get a debate going rather than actually push that particular point?

so, in a way, as its evidently worked...good advertising?

we argue that on here all the time. with women on both sides...(and blokes)

so lets not get our knickers in a twist too much...

MrsChemist Mon 04-Jan-10 19:50:15

Message withdrawn

brightonpebble Mon 04-Jan-10 19:54:07

Advertising Standards Authority Online Complaints form:

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