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abigail witchells - some better news

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bundle Thu 30-Jun-05 16:51:37


ja9 Thu 30-Jun-05 16:54:10

that is AMAZING... and her pregnancy is progressing normally?! wow! God is good.

QueenOfQuotes Thu 30-Jun-05 16:54:35

Thats fantastic news - and although she looks terrible thing and pale in that picture - she also looks incredibly happy.

bundle Thu 30-Jun-05 16:55:05

thought we needed a little cheering up

lunarx Fri 01-Jul-05 16:37:00

i saw that this morning, made me smile

Caligula Fri 01-Jul-05 16:38:33

Incredible. Almost miraculous.

Twiga Sat 02-Jul-05 21:22:59

Lovely news, what a brave family!

WideWebWitch Sun 03-Jul-05 08:54:49

Oh thanks for posting this, how incredible and lovely. And she's still pregnant, fantastic!

Xena Sun 03-Jul-05 09:02:08

wow thats great news

jambo1707 Mon 04-Jul-05 09:28:44


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