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Parents Play Hard...

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MamaMaiasaura Wed 29-Jun-05 12:50:53

Found this article and thought it interesting here it says that 'young children are being coached in how to play, interact and discover the world around them for 250 minutes a day compared with 25 minutes spent with under-threes in 1975.' That is 4 hours.

I do try and spend lots of time with ds and I do play with him but I also try and make sure he has friends over etc so he get to socialise and I take him out most weekends for walks etc.

Furball Wed 29-Jun-05 13:01:07

I often think along those lines as in 'in my day' (born in 60's) we had no baby gyms, playmats, songtime, musictime, gymtots, pre-school, soft play areas, etc, etc. Can we now be 'over-stimulating' our children from such a young age that they now get bored more easily? I don't know, I suppose time will tell......

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