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Girls body found in tumble drier

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elsmommy Mon 27-Jun-05 10:23:43

I can't believe this

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 10:27:52

I'll probably get flamed for saying this but I am haunted by odd this scenario sounds

PooPooGirl Mon 27-Jun-05 10:30:17

Sounds very odd if you ask me. How could she have shut the door from the inside? Actually I have lots of questions reading that. It's not very in-depth.

poor little girl

SoupDragon Mon 27-Jun-05 10:31:41

It would be easy to shut the door from the inside, just poke fingers through the filter and pull.

nailpolish Mon 27-Jun-05 10:31:45

agree with hmc, sounds odd. tumble dryer doors are very light and dont slam. (ill get flamed too)

Lonelymum Mon 27-Jun-05 10:33:21

Didn't they wonder where their dd was? Surely it would take some time to suffocate even in a small space like a tumble dryer. Or did she get into it during the night? Talk about QoQ being a bad mummy for leaving her ds for five minutes! This story is unbelievable!

elsmommy Mon 27-Jun-05 10:33:45

How could a 3 year old fall asleep in someting so small?

Couldn't sleep last night thinking about it

It only happened a few mins away from me

saadia Mon 27-Jun-05 10:34:52

Yes I saw that report too - find it hard to see how she could fall asleep in a tumble drier, and how could it slam shut. You have to press ours for it to shut. And for her to be missing long enough to suffocate means no-one was watching her. Very tragic.

I suppose these stories do remind us to be vigilant.

katierocket Mon 27-Jun-05 10:35:05

apparently it was during the night. it is odd though for her to have gone downstairs and got into the dryer in the middle of the night.

almostanangel Mon 27-Jun-05 10:35:30

how big was their tumble dryer?im sure a 3 year old wouldnt fit in mine ,,however this happened poor little hunny rest in peace

Marina Mon 27-Jun-05 10:36:51

American-style BIG dryer maybe?

almostanangel Mon 27-Jun-05 10:37:53


chipmonkey Mon 27-Jun-05 10:41:18

Terrible. Poor little girl.

LGJ Mon 27-Jun-05 10:42:19


You are braver than I am...............I thought I just had a bad mind.

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Jun-05 10:48:09

I shall feel very ashamed however if it does transpire that it was a tragic accident.

LGJ Mon 27-Jun-05 10:51:45


Don't, even if it was a tragice accident it was bizzare to say the very least.

charliecat Mon 27-Jun-05 11:04:23

In the newspaper I read this morning it said the door had a spring and there was an older sibling. So awful

chipmonkey Mon 27-Jun-05 11:11:14

tbh I think thats the sort of thing ds1 would do to ds2 for a joke (not meaning to kill him of course} but he has been known to lock ds2 in wardrobes etc. But she would have needed to be in there for a really long time to suffocate, surely?

essbee Mon 27-Jun-05 11:11:58

Message withdrawn

starlover Mon 27-Jun-05 11:13:17

this has happened before. remember reading about it.
the tumble drier we used to have was on a slight slope and the door would swing shut. didn't take a lot of effort for it to lock...

it's very, very sad

Tinker Mon 27-Jun-05 11:34:39

It was teh mother's comment that made me think this was odd - "We will miss her". Don't think I'd be able to even make a comment never mind one as cool as that.

jambo1707 Mon 27-Jun-05 11:34:49

Poor child, so sad

Gobbledigook Mon 27-Jun-05 11:47:38

Hmmmmmm. I must admit, I agree with hmc - I hope this is a tragic accident (iykwim) but it doesn't really add up does it??

QueenOfQuotes Mon 27-Jun-05 11:50:46

Do you remember the twins that died after suffocating under a chest of drawers that fell on top of them - I should imagine there's more air in an upturned chest of drawers than in a closed tumble dryer. I don't suppose it would take too long for the oxygen to go in a tumble drier

NomDePlume Mon 27-Jun-05 11:54:32

hmc, and all the other sceptics, I'm afraid I'm with you in feeling that there's something not being said wrt to the real circumstances. IME, tumble drier drums are pretty small and 3 year old toddlers are pretty big to climb inside one & shut the door let alone get inside get comfy enough to 'fall asleep'. Very sad story indeed.

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