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MJ's wife's evidence

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monkeytrousers Sat 25-Jun-05 11:47:02

Can anyone tell me why her evidence was admissible even though she was fighting him for access to the children in another court? She was obviously over a barrel. My spider sense tells me that MJ is a bit of a nasty piece of work, whatever the verdict!

BethAndHerBrood Sat 25-Jun-05 19:37:24

LOL at "spider sense"!!!!!

charleepeters Sat 25-Jun-05 19:40:39

oh god ot another MIchael Jackson thread! cant the bloke retire in peace????

monkeytrousers Sat 25-Jun-05 21:11:50

Hey, it's a valid question! I couldn't give a monkeys about The Childcatcher, I just wonder what kind of system would allow her evidence to be admissable.

aloha Sat 25-Jun-05 21:13:18

I agree. I said at the time that it must be some kind of deal. Didn't the jurors think it a tad strange that she kept saying how wonderful he was, while at the same time fighting him because he won't let her see her own (?) kids?

charleepeters Sat 25-Jun-05 21:17:33

sorry monkeytrousers i wasnt bieng mean its just ita all ive heard about on t.v and in the papers for ages i was hoping it would now be over!

monkeytrousers Sun 26-Jun-05 09:19:02

I know Charlee, no worries.

Aloha - I read that they were her kids but not his as she was inseminated by annonymous doner. ???? Have to say I'm more swayed towards this. There's hardly a family resembmlence is there? God knows what kind of story they're going to tell in years to come...

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