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Bishop insists that baby Jesus DID cry and that the christmas story needs changing to be believable

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Earthstar Wed 02-Dec-09 18:51:39

Bishop insists that baby Jesus DID cry and that the christmas story needs changing to be believable... on R4 yesterday.

He said that no parents could possibly believe that baby Jesus didn't cry so we need to change the christmas story and carols to reflect this.

However he had no problem with asking adults to believe in the virgin birth and didn't think that part needed changing.

cornsilkwearscorsets Wed 02-Dec-09 18:54:32


tribpot Wed 02-Dec-09 18:54:53

It's been a while since I heard the Christmas story but is there a bit in it where Jesus doesn't cry? I can't think of any hymns that go "Mary was terrified, Jesus wouldn't cry, but the local mums said 'don't worry, it's just a phase'".

IWroteOffLightningMcQueen Wed 02-Dec-09 18:55:46

DS1 didn't cry when he was born, in fact he was about 5 hours old before he did a little squeak!

Kathyis12feethighandbites Wed 02-Dec-09 18:56:28

I think he's talking about 'Away in a manger'.
I don't see how it has to mean he never cried - it might just mean he wasn't crying at the precise moment which is being described in the song. However there may be a tradition that the song is referring to.

Restrainedrabbit Wed 02-Dec-09 18:57:18

Neither of my two cried when they were born, however it wasn't a virgin birth either grin

Katz Wed 02-Dec-09 18:57:31

wasn't he referring to the song away in a manager which goes
'the cattle are lowing the baby he wakes but little lord Jesus no crying he makes'

well most babies would be fastinated with a living breathing real animal mobile above their manager cot

MattBellamysMuse Wed 02-Dec-09 18:58:04

Yes, that's the only bit of the story that's stretching the imagination a little... hmm

Tortington Wed 02-Dec-09 18:59:11

i think the church hierarchy need to shut their gobs and think of something a little less boring instead.

singlemumsaresuper Thu 03-Dec-09 22:48:04

Since the only firm available evidence is that Jesus of Nazareth was a Jewish holy man who was unjustly crucified by occupying Romans, anything anyone states about what Jesus the baby did or didn't do is pure conjecture.

What is highly likely, however, is that Mary was unmarried and Jesus was an orphan (a child without a father). [This follows from the lack of any mention of a father in the gospel of Mark, Mary being referred to as a virgin in the gospels of Matthew and Luke, and Jesus being called illigitmate in Jewish writngs and in the Koran.]

Therefore what most needs to change about the contemporary hypocritical Christmas fairy tale is the perpetuated myth that Jesus had a perfect upbringing because he had two, married, parents.

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