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This is why I believe we take 'stranger danger' TOO far......

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QueenOfQuotes Thu 23-Jun-05 16:34:13

at times. Obviously we should teach our children about the dangers that stranger 'could' pose to them but to teach them to this extent seems a little OTT IMO.

I have no idea how 'hot' it is in Utah at this time of year - but if you ask me that boy is lucky to be alive!

Kelly1978 Thu 23-Jun-05 16:40:56

link isnt workign for me

QueenOfQuotes Thu 23-Jun-05 16:41:43

typical - BBC seems to be on a 'go slow' at the moment - I can't get the main BBC page up either.

gothicmama Thu 23-Jun-05 16:44:26

basicall boy scout evaded rescuers for four days because of what his parents told him about strangers

QueenOfQuotes Thu 23-Jun-05 16:48:49

appears to be working again now.

Kelly1978 Thu 23-Jun-05 16:54:05

aww poor kid. I can remember on a club outing where I got left behind at the venue trying to weigh up whether it was more important not to talk to strangers or go and tell someone my name and adress. I think I was about 7.
I'm never quite sure what to teach my kids. I don't want them to be scared of every stranger, but I don't want them going off with someone neither.

GeorginaA Thu 23-Jun-05 17:03:48

I give tailored information to ds1 depending on venue. If we're going out to a shopping centre then I drill into him that best person to speak to is a policeman or woman, otherwise someone in a shop who is in uniform and behind a till, failing that a mum with a pushchair. Not ideal, but at least then gives him a chance of working out who the "safer" adults are.

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