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mum fined 4 grand for daughter's music downloads

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morocco Wed 22-Jun-05 00:11:34

check it out
kids are more expensive than anyone ever tells you!

lucy5 Wed 22-Jun-05 00:14:17

oh god i didnt know these music sharing sites were illegal, I thought it was a loophole in the law.

Janh Wed 22-Jun-05 00:16:40

Mmmm, I saw that today, dunno if this is headline grabbing by the music companies but I'm sure there are other people they should be going after (who knew fine well and can afford it) rather than skint parents of kids who didn't know (the parents or the kids).

morocco Wed 22-Jun-05 00:18:16

is it any coincidence they're going after the ones who can't afford the hotshot lawyers too
deffo headline grabbing but it'd work for me!

assumedname Wed 22-Jun-05 00:24:22

I realise the girl can't pay any more than the mother - but isn't 10 the age of criminal responsibility? Therefore the girl is legally responsible?

essbee Wed 22-Jun-05 00:25:25

Message withdrawn

Janh Wed 22-Jun-05 00:26:50

I was wondering about that, an - if a child (ie under 18) got away with signing some sort of credit arrangement neither they nor the parent would be liable (very old legal precedent) - this stinks, actually. Just because it's the parent who has the internet access they shouldn't be liable for what the child does, should they?

essbee Wed 22-Jun-05 00:33:13

Message withdrawn

SaintGeorge Wed 22-Jun-05 00:36:50

They are going after the big downloaders too though - this is just one that the newspapers like because a kid is involved.

Most ISP agreements will have something in the small print about liability so whoever pays the internet bill must pay the fine.

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