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Neil Tweedie, for instance ...

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WineBeforePearls Thu 19-Nov-09 09:19:35

is a prat

Anniemac must have got home from work early, obviously, to post at 1600 and really should be cleaning instead of wasting time online.

Kewcumber lives in Kew, therefore must be a bored City wife (oh boy)

prat prat prat

WilfSell Thu 19-Nov-09 21:30:58

I think we need the Official MN Telegraph reader Moondog perspective on this issue.

I imagine she will take kindly to being characterised as a lazy stay-at-home, brainless fool who never gets anything done grin

WilfSell Thu 19-Nov-09 21:31:53

Not [as Dave would say]

HerBeatitude Thu 19-Nov-09 21:33:46


Yes they're quite keen on respectable mothers but old habits die v. hard. And they will always provide a haven for the harumphing loons.

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 19-Nov-09 21:37:09

Kew - bloody well done.

I was shock x 10000 at his comments, and so, so glad that you were able to deal with it.

<links arms in solidarity>

Bramshott Thu 19-Nov-09 21:37:28

Why has "mother" become such a term of contempt? I mean everyone has one, and many women (don't know the stats, but 2/3 perhaps?) become one so that's quite a sizeable chunk of the population. Even Thatcher was a mother FFS <<shudder>>.

Merrylegs Thu 19-Nov-09 21:49:14

Exactly, Bramshott!

The meeja seem to find it hilarious that politicians are courting MUMSnet. Remember Ian Hislop was sneery about it too on HIGNFY - and the audience tittered away.

If this site were called Parentsnet, or even Dadsnet, would it get so many laughs? No.

Because being a Mum is trivial and pointless. Obviously. hmm

theyoungvisiter Thu 19-Nov-09 22:18:32

It really is just a slightly dressed up version of "women, know your place".

Which, apparently, is pregnant, barefoot and chained to the kitchen sink, not fretting our silly little heads about [watch out - 3 syllable word coming up] POL-LY-TICS.

(Have I got the spelling right, girls?)

Come back Tim Dowling, all is forgiven - there is a new uber-twat of MN.

theyoungvisiter Thu 19-Nov-09 22:20:20

he he he can you imagine Thatcher on mumsnet? AIBU would be her heaven.

AIBU to want to crush those upstart miners?
AIBU to think that anyone on a bus over the age of 30 is a FAILURE?
AIBU to think that every Prime Minister needs a Willy?

WilfSell Thu 19-Nov-09 22:20:57

On one of the other Cameron threads, there's a link to Tim Dowling's write up of the webchat. Much more respectful actually...

theyoungvisiter Thu 19-Nov-09 22:25:50

actually I like Tim Dowling.

The man makes a living poking fun at himself, not others, which is a step up from most journos.

And he makes me larf, which is more important. smile

theyoungvisiter Thu 19-Nov-09 22:32:59

[slaps wrist] I must stop making rude generalisations about journalists - actually several friends are journos and I deeply respect the trade.

It's just so hard to take them seriously as a species when silly articles like this appear on a daily basis.

yangymac Fri 20-Nov-09 09:54:38

Message withdrawn

SkipToMyLou Fri 20-Nov-09 10:04:40

Is there no way Big Tech can just change the posting name on all your posts instead?

yangymac Fri 20-Nov-09 10:13:08

Message withdrawn

theyoungvisiter Fri 20-Nov-09 10:18:34

well yangy, let me get you up to speed.

The patron saint of MN is a lady called Gina Ford. You might like to buy all her books and then post a thread about how best to use controlled crying on your 5 week old.

We are all in favour of a good hearty spanking when children are being naughty, and agree that there's far too much fuss made about breastfeeding, which is a modern fad anyway. A spoonful of rusk in the bottle at 6 weeks is just the trick if you want your baby to sleep through.

I think that should get you started... oh, and if you have any sensitive issues you'd like to raise, the best place is a part of the board called AIBU? It's where we discuss high-level philosophical questions and particularly sensitive topics.

Have fun!

yangymac Fri 20-Nov-09 10:23:36

Message withdrawn

ladylush Fri 20-Nov-09 10:32:54

Odd article. Gr8 response from Kewcumber. Mumsnet also featured in yesterday's Evening Standard - something about Gordon and Dave schmoozing cybermums.

WilfSell Fri 20-Nov-09 10:37:10

Welcome yangymac wink

You should sell your story to the Mirror though. You and Riven grin. Anonymously obv.

stuffitllllama Fri 20-Nov-09 10:44:40

oh yes, just read it, yes he is a twat

thanks for pointing it out

also probably a bit of a twat for reading this thread?


SausageRocket Fri 20-Nov-09 10:49:56

Ho ho ho

Tweedie must be ruing the day he thought taking lazy, ill-thought out potshots at MN would be an easy way to fill his word count for the week.

Not so witty now are we Mr T ?

LadyBlaBlah Fri 20-Nov-09 14:16:11


He clearly isn't getting any at home. <<not surprised emoticon>>

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