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Neil Tweedie, for instance ...

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WineBeforePearls Thu 19-Nov-09 09:19:35

is a prat

Anniemac must have got home from work early, obviously, to post at 1600 and really should be cleaning instead of wasting time online.

Kewcumber lives in Kew, therefore must be a bored City wife (oh boy)

prat prat prat

TheCrackFox Thu 19-Nov-09 09:29:57

"The cyber-mothers of England."

Erm, it isn't called the World Wide Web for nothing. You have to wonder about the whole article if he can't even work out how the internet works.

I love the fact he seems to think we should be doing housework all day. It has gone right over his head that a lot of Mumsnetters are at work. Has he never skived off and mooched about the internet when he should be working? Unlikely.

Still, it has to be the oldest insult in the World (and wearing thin) to describe all mothers as boring housewives. Yawn.

KeithTalent Thu 19-Nov-09 09:35:24

Kewcumber shock

Lazy lazy article

Who are the yummy mummies of Barnes?


cocolepew Thu 19-Nov-09 09:36:21

What a pile of shite.

Imagine posting online instead of cleaningshock! Bloody women don't know their place nowadays.

BTW I'm neither a "yummy mummy" <vomit>, middle class or live in England, should I leave now?

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 19-Nov-09 09:37:02

I was just about to link to this.

A tosser of the highest order

runawayquickly Thu 19-Nov-09 09:38:30

I do love the way he's also chosen quotes with spelling mistakes so he can be even more bloody SMUG.

WineBeforePearls Thu 19-Nov-09 09:39:05

Yes quite - obv. only people living in England can post grin And only from home, while CM looks after dcs and cleaner deals with house.

WineBeforePearls Thu 19-Nov-09 09:41:37

runaway, yes, 'And they can't spell either'

Whereas he has a sub to check his drivel.

NorkyButNice Thu 19-Nov-09 09:42:08

.... is a prime example of a twat.

What a crap article.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 19-Nov-09 09:43:36

I wonder if mrs tweedie is a moldie (snurk)

Alibabaandthe40nappies Thu 19-Nov-09 09:44:38


What an utter knob.

Greensleeves Thu 19-Nov-09 09:46:18

lol, he's a talentless wanker


SkipToMyLou Thu 19-Nov-09 09:48:40

Flummoxed by how to spell the word 'flumoxed'. Tsk tsk.

Ignore ignore ignore, don't give him the satisfaction.

RnB Thu 19-Nov-09 09:50:04

He is a twat shock

cocolepew Thu 19-Nov-09 09:50:29

That was published at 7am, I hope he's tidied and cleaned since then. He's probably sitting in his jammies watching LK.

WineBeforePearls Thu 19-Nov-09 09:51:20

But it's the casual patronising misogynist crap that still appears daily in the press and is very depressing.

Hassled Thu 19-Nov-09 09:52:39

What a shining example of unprejudiced, fair reporting hmm.

AnnieMac, I hope you Know Your Place now. Posting at 4 in the afternoon when you should have been scrubbing the loo - honestly.

WineBeforePearls Thu 19-Nov-09 09:53:00

grin cocolepew

TheCrackFox Thu 19-Nov-09 09:53:10

He could have saved himself a lot of time and (not much) effort if he had just written "Woman, know your limits".

PrincessToadstool Thu 19-Nov-09 09:54:56

What an utter knob.

WineBeforePearls Thu 19-Nov-09 09:55:38

Yes, on no account attempt to have children, a job AND chat debates on MN. You Will Let Yourself Down.

ahundredtimes Thu 19-Nov-09 09:57:07

God, isn't it rude? 'These Einstein-Bohr discussions' shock

If only we discussed physics then we'd prove ourselves not to be vapid, dim, witless women without jobs or thoughts. Then we'll be allowed to vote! But right now, the future of the country is in the hands of middle-class sunday supplement aspirants who don't even clean their own houses and therefore shouldn't be trusted to vote alongside right thinking, sensible, considerably more intelligent men - such as himself, for instance. [david asquith emoticon]

He's got a column! He's an opinion former! Why isn't everyone listening to him! Who gave those daft dappy women any voice! Stop the rot!

Mr Tweedie. Tsk

LowLevelWhingeing Thu 19-Nov-09 09:57:47

patronising gobshite.

I'll get back to my suburban kitchen where I belong.

KnottyLocks Thu 19-Nov-09 10:04:56

Arsehole grin

<returns to darning socks>

ahundredtimes Thu 19-Nov-09 10:06:02

My favourite bit is about how when Mrs Tweedie used to 'dip in and out' - uhuh - it was really good, really interesting and vital and worthwhile and full of class angst and proper Einstein-Bohr discussions, but now?

Well <shakes head>

Without Mrs Tweedie we have lapsed somewhat, now we're dull.


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