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mumblecrumble Mon 09-Nov-09 00:18:05

I thought he was gay?!

mamadiva Mon 09-Nov-09 00:34:23

LOL I thought that too when I saw this

Not that I ever had anything other than the fact that he is rather feminine to think that

Good luck to them though

Clary Mon 09-Nov-09 00:47:54

He's been married before I believe no?

They are all gay aren't they oooh except Howard.

Knickers0nMaHead Mon 09-Nov-09 00:59:24

Gary isnt gay! Im married to him in my dreams

DuelingFanjo Mon 09-Nov-09 01:14:55

I love her dress.

BunnyLebowski Mon 09-Nov-09 01:27:06

Oh no, although not my type, never thought him gay.

His kids are Elwood (too Blues Brothers for me) and Willow which I absolutely covet.

His lady is beautiful. He never comes across as less than a thoroughly lovely chap smile


nooka Mon 09-Nov-09 01:33:44

It all appears to be surprisingly lovely. I like the idea of a candlelit ceremony.

mummysgoingmad Mon 09-Nov-09 01:38:59

mark owen is far too hot to be gay! he is my ideal man oh and henrik larsson! both of them would be heven or am i being greedy grin

Clary Mon 09-Nov-09 11:07:22

I used to work on a music mag when they were first famous.

We all had our doubts, put it that way. wink

They are all lovely tho grin

Carrotfly Mon 09-Nov-09 11:12:09

I agree with Clary.

From the horses mouth, so to speak.

Anyway, he was very young then, times change, people change ....

I love them all.

Wish them all well.

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