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Lawyer asks secretary to pay his dry cleaning bill

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Twiglett Fri 17-Jun-05 19:16:51

Because she spilled ketchup on his trousers

what an arse

Nightynight Fri 17-Jun-05 19:20:41

I love her reply though - daring him to come and collect the 4 quid!

Hulababy Fri 17-Jun-05 19:40:29

Her reply was fab! Love the idea of the collection

Pruni Fri 17-Jun-05 19:42:15

Message withdrawn

franke Fri 17-Jun-05 19:46:11

What a tit. He'll never get taken seriously by anyone, anywhere, ever again.

Heathcliffscathy Fri 17-Jun-05 19:46:27

unfortunately there are a lot of people out there like him. i have a few horror stories of my own...

LGJ Fri 17-Jun-05 19:47:27

Way to go girl

Heathcliffscathy Fri 17-Jun-05 19:47:57

i think that asking an assistant, PA, secretary to do anything personal like getting drycleaning etc is heinous. and should be illegal. just on a little tangent. also think it would happen a lot less if most secs/pas weren't women.

milward Fri 17-Jun-05 19:48:38

Sort of situation when the one who'd caused the damage would say 'Let me know the bill' & the other one would say 'Don't worry about it - it's ok'. That would be the normal run of things.

Janh Fri 17-Jun-05 19:49:31

She didn't get his dry-cleaning, sophable - she spilt the ketchup, he got the trousers cleaned and is now demanding the cost - because he needs the money more than she does, lol - twat.

LGJ Fri 17-Jun-05 19:55:42


Read the link, made me laugh out loud.

Heathcliffscathy Fri 17-Jun-05 20:03:49

OI! I know. i said on a tangent didn't i??? ok, it was in a slightly yoda way, but that is how i talk since i had ds...

Enid Fri 17-Jun-05 20:27:27

very very funny.

what a heroine.

JoolsToo Fri 17-Jun-05 20:30:12

think I'd be walking past his desk with an open bottle of Quink

dizzydo Fri 17-Jun-05 21:26:29

Definitely off on a tangent now but I totally disagree sophable about getting your PA to do personal things for you. Surely a Personal Assistant is just that and should do whatever is asked of them within reason. If my boss asks me to go and pick up his drying cleaning (which he has never done in three years) I would have no problem with it whatsoever. As long as he is paying me I dont mind. I get really annoyed at the attitude oh I'm too important and well trained to stoop to going and buying the boss' partner a pressie. So what? You're there to help with his/her workload that's your role.

And yes I speak as a PA not a boss.

Piggiesmum Fri 17-Jun-05 22:28:50

Yes you're there to help with his WORK load. i.e. stuff at work, NOT his personal life stuff because he's too lazy, selfish, thoughtless etc to do it himself.

(We need a rolling eyes smilie)

hunkermunker Fri 17-Jun-05 22:29:54

Ooh - I used to work for B&M...trying to remember if that is the total arse who was legendary for his rudeness and weirdy behaviour then... May not be though!

aloha Fri 17-Jun-05 22:39:51

I bet she gets 'eased out' though and he keeps his job. The arse.

mysterygirl Fri 17-Jun-05 22:49:20

a partner at a firm I worked for wouldnt even fill her own stapler with staples!!!!

Personally I wouldnt have a problem with doing personal stuff for someone I worked for. Ive done loads over the years - in fact the personal stuff is the best!

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