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Woman tweets about miscarriage.

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NickNemo Wed 04-Nov-09 18:29:49

Link here

Apologies if this topic is already being discussed.

I am a bit shock at this. Is this taking twitter addiction too far? IMO, its such an incredibly personal thing and to tweet about miscarriage is like rubbing it into the faces of women who cannot have a baby. Especially as she's saying she's happy about it too!

AMumInScotland Wed 04-Nov-09 18:33:22

I saw that in an online paper earlier. It did seem very inappropriate! One thing to put out a message to friends,. looking for support, but rather another to tell people, not go out of the meeting, and say you're happy about it. hmm

PoppyIsApain Wed 04-Nov-09 18:33:32

What a bitch!

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Thu 05-Nov-09 10:30:35

Bizarre. I personally don't subscribe to the whole 'woman not wanting pregnancy is unfair to women who can't get pregnant' idea but it's a weird thing to broadcast to everyone. I wouldn't put something like that on twitter,FB or anything else. But some people have very strange boundaries on things like this.

StealthPolarBear Thu 05-Nov-09 10:31:54

her right not to want a baby etc, but urgh

BitOfFun Thu 05-Nov-09 10:32:50

Over-sharing, definitely.

BunnyLebowski Thu 05-Nov-09 10:34:24

She's a twat.

And sadly typical of the twitter/fb generation. These dolts honestly believe people are interested in every mundane detail of their dreary lives.

Completely inappropriate and stupid.

morningpaper Thu 05-Nov-09 10:38:33

"But Miss Trunk, 42, chief executive of internet career advice firm Brazen Careerist"

I seeee

RealityBites Thu 05-Nov-09 10:41:21

Message withdrawn

electra Thu 05-Nov-09 10:44:14

Nice, RealityBites hmm

RealityBites Thu 05-Nov-09 10:45:41

Message withdrawn

HeSaysSheSays Thu 05-Nov-09 10:50:48

Reality is right, I know accidents happen but I do not believe 4 accidents happen when you are that commited to not having children.

If you really don't want them you make sure of it. Sometimes it goes wrong I admit, once or twice maybe but 4 times? To me that would say she was not that commited to not getting pg in the first place. (From someone who has had quite a few "accidental" pgs - I also was not committed enough to stopping it - difference is I was happy when I got pg)

The woman is an arse - the public service thing? Yeah, right.

rasputin Thu 05-Nov-09 10:52:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ClaireDeLoon Thu 05-Nov-09 10:52:32

That's not nice, given currently going through 2nd mc wish I hadn't read how someone could be happy at such a thing. Agree with others why would you feel the to tell the world? Why?

LynetteScavo Thu 05-Nov-09 10:52:45

She seems to be a most unpleaseant character to me.

ErikaMaye Thu 05-Nov-09 10:55:18

What a bitch. That's just so heartless... Agree with Reality.

StealthPolarBear Thu 05-Nov-09 11:08:29

reality, what do you think the reason is?
obviously not a secret desire for children
you'd hope she's intelligent enough to know that unprotected sex can lead to babies
so what? she genuinely just doesn't care and is treating abortion as a contraceptive?

hellsbelles Thu 05-Nov-09 11:14:06

she's just an idiot that has decided this is a great way to get her business PR in my opinion....and I hope it's backfired massively because it's ill-judged, tactless and heartless.

BitOfFun Thu 05-Nov-09 11:16:58

Who knows? Some people thrive on drama and attention-seeking. Some of them even post on Mumsnet wink

StealthPolarBear Thu 05-Nov-09 11:18:20

lol BOF
I meant for the recurrent abortions / happy miscarriages angry

HeSaysSheSays Thu 05-Nov-09 11:19:18

Stealth, sadly there are people out there who do not take care and then go for abortion as if it is nothing, I happen to be related to one of them - she would probably have behaved much like this, perhaps not publishing it of course but certainly celebrating. THey clearly have no emotional involvment in their foetus, something that a lot of us won't understand I admit but still something some people find.

StealthPolarBear Thu 05-Nov-09 11:21:08


just posting v quickly before I go out and come back to find I'm MN's most wanted
I know lots of people have abortions when they feel they have to. I also know that lots of them feel relief only at the end. I am not talking about those people, and don't want to cause offence

HeSaysSheSays Thu 05-Nov-09 11:24:37

Oh no, me either, I totally agree stealth. Abortion is a tough decision for a lot of women and they have my support. Sadly there are also other women for whom it is not a hard decision. Same as most things I suppose, we are all different.

edam Thu 05-Nov-09 11:28:14

Very odd of the woman.

But I don't understand the line of thought that abortion is only OK if the woman feels bad about it. Sometimes it's the right thing to do and that is a relief.

PeachyInCarnivalFeathers Thu 05-Nov-09 11:28:32

It shows someone who is completely selfcetred and has no interest in how her Actions may affect other people

And yes,probably the isomeone who thinks termination is the same as contraception.

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