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Results of Netmums Survey on working and families

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Caligula Thu 16-Jun-05 15:41:09

Got sent a link to this, so I thought I'd post it. Haven't had time to have a look at it, but thought in the wake of the Boris Johnson thread, people might be interested!


SenoraPostrophe Thu 16-Jun-05 15:43:49

I love that "the playground politics of working versus stay at home mothers portayed by the media does not exist".

Maybe not in the playground, but it is alive and well on mumsnet!

What's Boris done now?

Caligula Thu 16-Jun-05 15:44:51

Go to beansmums thread Senora - she's got a link to the telegraph article today - the link's on in the news and is something like "What if women don't want to work?"

kama Thu 16-Jun-05 15:51:57

Message withdrawn

crunchie Thu 16-Jun-05 16:07:37

Very interesting, but again agrees with teh fact that Boris is not saying anything NEW. We would love to work less but it is not much of an option.

So saying I am a rare example, I love my job, I am highly valued, I couldn't imagine asking for part-time, but that is my choice. I am given enough flexibility to get to all important kids events and I do have the rate work/life balance with my dh. As my kids get older it is easier and easier to work (except the holiday dilemma) and am really moving up the ladder which I didn't do much before kids

Evesmama Thu 16-Jun-05 16:08:11

i entered into that survey!

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