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This whole EU rebate argument with the bl**dy french - why precisely do we stay in the EU

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handlemecarefully Wed 15-Jun-05 09:09:47

Ha ha! I'm going to get told off now for being francophobic. Guess it was a bit 'norty'

So anyway - I understand that we are the second largest contributor to the EU (after Germany) but get the least in return (in terms of subsidies etc). Since 1994 we have contributed £23,956bn compared to France's £10,537bn, and the lovely Mr Chirac wants to see the scales tip against us even further by arguing that our rebate (the only decent thing Thatcher ever did)ceases. If our rebate ends we will be paying 15x as much as France.

So my question is - why do we stay in Europe. What advantages does it confer to us as a nation? (I'm sure that there must be some - I'm just a bit ignorant on these matters)

ggglimpopo Wed 15-Jun-05 09:10:49

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Wed 15-Jun-05 09:13:47

Well, for one it makes it easier for us to move to France, Spain or Italy. I'd gladly pay for that priviledge . Vive l'Europe!

zebraZ Wed 15-Jun-05 09:14:48

I think with the rebate Britain is about in the middle of the net expense/gains, and per capita Britain is a small contributor even ignoring the rebate. So at the moment, Britain doesn't get "the least in return".

As for benefits, Free trade with the rest of the EU, lack of trade barriers & tarriffs for UK exporters? Part of a large negotiating block to counter the Chinese and US & Japanese economies?

expatinscotland Wed 15-Jun-05 09:15:43

Bring on the French wines and Prada handbags!

ggglimpopo Wed 15-Jun-05 09:16:54

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Wed 15-Jun-05 09:17:16

That's right ggglimpopo - I realise that they are your compatriots but they are being 'bloody' over this issue. Won't retract that I'm afraid....

beetroot Wed 15-Jun-05 09:18:39

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Wed 15-Jun-05 09:19:09

ZebraA - yes your 2nd paragraph makes sense re the free trade benefits etc. I am crassly ignorant re these matters...

ggglimpopo Wed 15-Jun-05 09:19:09

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Wed 15-Jun-05 09:21:07

Am I not allowed to sound off / let off steam? I am irritated by Chirac on this issue.

There is a history of banter and jocular derision (all in the best possible taste) between the french and the english - very two way and reciprocal. None of it is serious

handlemecarefully Wed 15-Jun-05 09:21:49


Fuck off Beetroot! I'm livid now.

ggglimpopo Wed 15-Jun-05 09:22:59

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Wed 15-Jun-05 09:23:13

Where's that thread about mumsnetters who really irritate you....

zebraZ Wed 15-Jun-05 09:23:25

calm down hmc, always thought you were fairly reasonable on mn, tsk tsk, don't let me down.

expatinscotland Wed 15-Jun-05 09:23:57

Blimey, HMC! Did you miss your morning cuppa?

handlemecarefully Wed 15-Jun-05 09:24:17

You're all so tiresome sometimes....and so very very earnest. It's dull, dull, dull

beetroot Wed 15-Jun-05 09:24:17

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Wed 15-Jun-05 09:26:44


No it's just that I don't take kindly to being branding a f**king racist for an obviously tongue in cheek remark.

Although I could do with a strong coffee now.

And this wasn't what the bloody thread was about.

handlemecarefully Wed 15-Jun-05 09:27:23

pathetic! - and one of the worst aspects of mumsnet IMO.

noddyholder Wed 15-Jun-05 09:28:01

i love the bloody french

suzywong Wed 15-Jun-05 09:28:13

has this thing kicked off yet?

FrenchGirl Wed 15-Jun-05 09:28:18

BONJOUR handlemecarefully!!!!
I am laughing my 'bl**dy' head off at your obviously good humoured and hilariously friendly thread, please keep going and don't mind me, I'm only a bl**dy frog after all

whymummy Wed 15-Jun-05 09:31:19

HMC is just not very nice to insult a whole nation even if you're joking so far on mumsnet the spanish have been branded racists and cowards and believe me it makes me quite angry,no need for it

expatinscotland Wed 15-Jun-05 09:32:19

May I suggest a French coffee? They have some wonderful coffees - a vast improvement over Nescafe crystals. Goes well with an almond croissant and a newspaper.

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