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Blair to be president of the EU?

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scarletlilybug Mon 26-Oct-09 18:58:38


So, having refused the country the promised referendum about the EU treaty, Blair is now lined up for the top job... hmm

"Labour MPs believe that the Prime Minister's short-term ambitions would be helped by an EU president who so antagonised the Tories. In addition, if Mr Brown lost the election and hoped for an international post, having Mr Blair in such a powerful role would be no disadvantage. "

In other words, who gives a sh*t about the country, as long as Blair, Brown and their cronies can do all right for themselves and get the Tories' backs up?

This is what democracy in the UK looks like nowadays. Can New Labour sink any lower?

nighbynight Mon 26-Oct-09 21:32:08

Please God no

scaryteacher Tue 27-Oct-09 12:19:12

We don't want him in Brussels; why spoil a nice place?

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