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Why does the world only stand back and "tutt".........

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Gwenick Tue 14-Jun-05 17:19:31

when thing like this are happening in poorer countries?

It makes me so and

Sudan - huge humanitarian crisis, America called in Genocide the says "oh isn't it terrible"

If this was happening in Germany, France or Japan there'd be outrage

Gwenick Tue 14-Jun-05 17:20:28

sorry that should be the WORLD says..

Mosschops30 Tue 14-Jun-05 17:25:55

Message withdrawn

Gwenick Tue 14-Jun-05 17:43:10

really 200,000 people have been made homeless - and watched their homes being pulled down infront their eyes in the last week or so in the UK????

And actually things like this have a DIRECT impact on us in the UK. There are currently 10,000's (possibly into the 100,000's) of Zimbabweans living in the UK, most have made the move here in the last few years since Mugabe started his ruthless campaign.

And would you say the same if France were doing this to it's citizens??

Nightynight Tue 14-Jun-05 17:58:17

France was doing it to its citizens 45 years ago, and its mostly forgotten now. Oh sorry, they were Africans too....

Gwenick Tue 14-Jun-05 18:16:24

of course they were 'only' African....

I'm still racking my brains to work out what has happened in the UK in the last 2 weeks that's on as big a scale as what's happening out there at the moment....

assumedname Tue 14-Jun-05 18:34:25

What would you like to see happen, Gwenick?

Gwenick Tue 14-Jun-05 18:36:36

ANYTHING - - it's better than the 'nothing' which is happening now!

Gwenick Tue 14-Jun-05 18:38:52

but TBH honest it's not suprising nothing is being done with comments like Mosschops'......

emily05 Tue 14-Jun-05 18:44:50

agree with everything you say Gwenick.

Nightynight Tue 14-Jun-05 18:49:02

Gwenick, I agree in principle, but I dont know what I can possibly do about it. Giving money to charity is probably my only realistic option.

Might is right in the world today, sadly.

kama Tue 14-Jun-05 18:57:44

Message withdrawn

weesaidie Tue 14-Jun-05 19:00:29

I know. It is awful. I try to a little, sponsoring a child, giving to charity etc, but I don't know what else to do.

Gwenick Tue 14-Jun-05 19:03:50

What have I done about it?? In the past I've written to my MP(s) - actually must write to my newly elected one he's not heard from me yet - to ask them to lobby the government to do more about it.

Plus, probably more importantly - I talk about it with people to raise awareness - if people aren't 'aware' of situations then nothing EVER gets done.

Gwenick Tue 14-Jun-05 19:06:05

oh and I stand corrected on the number of Zimbabweans in the UK, there's over 500,000 of them.

kama Tue 14-Jun-05 19:12:36

Message withdrawn

kama Tue 14-Jun-05 19:12:48

Message withdrawn

Gwenick Tue 14-Jun-05 19:38:39


acnebride Tue 14-Jun-05 19:45:33

Thank you for posting this link Gwenick. Good for you re action. Words certainly fail me so might as well try and do something.

helsi Tue 14-Jun-05 19:47:59

THis is going to sound terrible now but its not meant like this as I really feel that something should be done but...

how long do we keep pumping money into countries and no progress being made?
who has the power to do something about their government?

is there an answer - I don't know.

Janh Tue 14-Jun-05 19:51:07

Mugabe is a rogue elephant and really really needs to go but how's that going to happen?

Gwenick Tue 14-Jun-05 19:52:21

how long do we keep pumping money into countries and no progress being made?

Who said anything about pumping money in??? There simply needs to be firmer pressure from the rest of the world to stop these things happening - this isn't about 'poverty' (yes Zimbabwe is now a VERY poor country, inflation at 144% and unemployment at 74% - but it wasn't until 5yrs ago - 5yrs ago it was still producing enough food to feed not only itself, but also neighbouring countries!) it's about 'politics'.

helsi Tue 14-Jun-05 19:55:53

I think thats what I actually meant Gwenick - sorry I said it would sound wrong.
We have been giving aid to African countries for years but their Government even seems to have a hand in where that goes. It all obviously doesn't all go where it should otherwise some progress would be made.
On the politics side - I am without words. Like I said - who has the power to change things? What can we do. I would love to know but I wouldn't know where to start or how to get nvolved.

Gwenick Tue 14-Jun-05 20:07:17

oh I'm with you now -

the Zimbabwe Vigil Coalltion website suggests "Put pressure on government, EU & UN for stronger action" -

ChaCha Tue 14-Jun-05 20:09:57

Gwenick - you're right, there would be outrage. I also feel very strongly about Palestine - in fact, words cannot express what i feel. I respect your trying to create awareness. We need more.

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