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lisa marie presley - why wasnt she called to jacksons trial?

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hermykne Sun 12-Jun-05 11:09:10

i dont like jackson and have v little interest in the trial or its outcome but why wasnt she called, she married him for 2 yrs lived at neverland and would have personal insights, more than say jay leno or others who were called as witnesses

i think she knows exactly what he is like and there is a major agreement between them , legally re spilling the beans on their marraige

she holds the key IMO

hermykne Mon 13-Jun-05 08:04:15

have to bump this as i think its really bizarre

pixiefish Mon 13-Jun-05 08:20:13

bumping for hermykne and cos I'm nosey too

Janh Mon 13-Jun-05 08:42:12

The prosecution didn't call her either though.

teeavee Mon 13-Jun-05 08:47:10

interesting question - never thought of that. has the verdict been announced yet, by the way?

Moomin Mon 13-Jun-05 09:00:53

I'm sure the pair of them signed all kinds of binding contracts before during and after their 'marriage', which was obviously a career move for both of them. I'd be surprised if they even lived together during that time.

I think MJ is a very screwed up individual who, because of his unique upbringing, has no concept of what 'normal' is. If he'd have been a regular person he may well have discovered he was gay and just lived his life as a gay man, but circumstances have dictated that he lives in a state of complete confusion about his relationships and sex, etc. IMHO, of course!

I just hope I'm still around when the whole truth comes out - but maybe that won't be until after his death in years to come?

hermykne Mon 13-Jun-05 09:21:05

jury still out, last i heard on fri

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