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gary mckinnon

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VicarInaBooTu Fri 09-Oct-09 22:31:44

ok so i may well be biased here having a young adult aspergers son, who is a whizz with computers to the point of obsessional, but that is a trait of having aspergers - so
why in gods name cant this poor bloke be tried here? he was looking for UFOs ffs!! why is he being hounded down in this way when there is an explanation for his crime? he didnt do anything, steal anything, all he did was highlight a bloody huge gap in the US defences! im getting more and more upset and annoyed with this this more i hear...

he could face 60 years in an american jail because he wanted proof that little green men existed and was clever enough to get through their defences. if he had been hacking for anything sinister then i could understand it - but this beggars belief.

i have a son with this condition. id die rather than let my son go through this. how his poor mum is coping i have no idea. its so sad

VicarInaBooTu Fri 09-Oct-09 23:06:06


i put this in the news bit cos its been in the news today

might have been better in special needs?

smoking2shoes Fri 09-Oct-09 23:19:20

i have read about this
poor bloke needs to be shown compassion

blueshoes Fri 09-Oct-09 23:22:24

vicar, it is a disgrace that this vulnerable man is being extradited to face trial away from his family under a one-sided extradition law which will never see US citizens summarily extradited to the UK in the way he is being forced to.

UK basically bent over to the US in enacting this act post-9/11. Even more reason to get rid of it now that the 'special relationship' seems to be over.

This does not need to be in special needs, IMO.

TigerBitesAgain Fri 09-Oct-09 23:24:18

I haven't followed his story in a lot of detail but isn't this an example of the UK basically brownnosing the US to his detriment? It seems incredible that he is being allowed to be extradited in this way.

VicarInaBooTu Fri 09-Oct-09 23:32:27

i just keep thinking that someone somewhere will stop this, but so far they havnt! its getting me more and more angry

i think its incredible that this is starting to actually look as though they are going to push through with this.

they are going to have blood on their hands if they arent careful.

blueshoes Sat 10-Oct-09 16:47:18

Vicar, I believe Shami Chakrabati, Director of Liberty Human Rights has been quite outspoken against the extradition.

I did a quick google and you can follow the campaign on this blog:

busybeingmum Sat 10-Oct-09 17:20:09

Message withdrawn

busybeingmum Sat 10-Oct-09 17:22:46

Message withdrawn

smoking2shoes Sat 10-Oct-09 21:35:23

i wish this would get more coverage.
I am worried that he will just be quietly sent over there,
where is the petition and big campaign

busybeingmum Sat 10-Oct-09 22:12:05

Message withdrawn

smoking2shoes Sat 10-Oct-09 22:27:23

it needs the coverage that woman got(the one who was acused of adultry)

LauraIngallsWilder Sat 10-Oct-09 22:32:46

If he was an American accused of doing the same thing ie hacking into british computers - would the usa govt even consider extraditing him over here?
I think not!
I too am appalled by this story - he was interested in what he saw as a cover up about UFOs - pathetic that our govt are allowing him to be extradited over to the US

VicarInaBooTu Sun 11-Oct-09 12:20:26

there just doesnt seem to be much coverage - there was a petition doing the rounds but the campaigns to stop this stupidity seem a bit lacklustre!

i still cannot believe that its actually got this far without someone stopping it!
they should be thanking him for exposing the glaring holes in their security ffs!!

its getting me so angry
the pressure he and his mum must be under is awful.

southeastastra Sun 11-Oct-09 12:32:45

agree with vicar - they should be employing him! feel really sorry for him and his family

BobbingForPeachys Sun 11-Oct-09 12:41:08

It is shameful

I hsve no unederstanding of appeals, but surely allowing admission of a disability diagnosed after arrest is a valid point of law for a hearing?

Hopefully EU will get the case taken to them and do something becuase it does make me very angry for Gary McKinnon,as well as scared for children like my ds1 who would easily fall into this trap.

There is /was a petition on the NAS website but that's niche isnt it? It needs to bew more visible

smoking2shoes Sun 11-Oct-09 12:42:00

I wish people would use as much energy on this as they do complaining about a reality tv judgehmm
is there an online petition any where?

BobbingForPeachys Sun 11-Oct-09 12:44:32

here the NAS one was deliverd in July (tooe arl;y perhaps?...) but this is the gary McKinon campaign

BobbingForPeachys Sun 11-Oct-09 12:44:33

here the NAS one was deliverd in July (tooe arl;y perhaps?...) but this is the gary McKinon campaign

BobbingForPeachys Sun 11-Oct-09 12:45:11

Sorry about sp of name, toddler on rampage with PC mouse.....

nighbynight Sun 11-Oct-09 13:34:43

I agree, this case is awful. Its been reported on The Register for ages now. Feel so sorry for his poor mother too.
He really should not be extradited.

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