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so The Times says every reader can get a Horrible Science book from Wh Smith but only today and only in High Street stores...

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foxinsocks Wed 07-Oct-09 12:58:37

I mean ffs

most of the reason I buy a paper (and I don't even bother every day) is because I am commuting (and I imagine this applies to a fair amount of people)

which means the WH Smith that's going to be convenient is the one at the station

BUT NO, for some godawful reason, they don't include travel stores in their promotions (I know they are separate entities as I've had dealings with them myself) but COME ON, a bit of common sense.

I mean how many WH Smith high street stores are actually around and convenient? grrrr

ThePrettiestStar Wed 07-Oct-09 14:10:04

Would this not be a marketing ploy?

Obviously no sane minded human would be able to resist parting with more money once entering a proper store. wink

Whereas a commuter in a rush probably might....

foxinsocks Wed 07-Oct-09 21:13:06

lol yes, but it just renders the whole thing pointless

I feel more pissed off with the Times now just because it would have been so bloody difficult to get the sodding book. Only buy it for the puzzle that looks like Sudoku but has no numbers in it anyway. Gah!

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