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Usborne Books at Home

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meTracyH Fri 23-May-03 13:15:27

Hi everyone

I am so excited, the company I work with, Usborne Books at Home, have scooped a major DSA (Direct Selling association) award. They won the prestigious award for innovation, for the development and tremendous success of our Usborne School book fairs, which reward participating school with £100's of free books!

Thanks for sharing my excitment!!


Marina Fri 23-May-03 13:24:26

If you are promoting any form of business on Mumsnet you are meant to contact Mumsnet first and PAY THEM to advertise. It's explained pretty clearly at the head of this discussion board.
Here's the appropriate area of the Talk board as you seem to have missed it:
Non-Member/Media Requests

meTracyH Fri 23-May-03 17:43:47

I am sorry - I wasn't advertsing as far as I knew - I have a job that I love and I am very excited that we have done so well

Do many schools read your website?


JJ Fri 23-May-03 22:10:18

Tracy, I think mumsnet's only goal is to inform. In that spirit, I offer you's entry for advertise :

ad·ver·tise    ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (dvr-tz)
v. ad·ver·tised, ad·ver·tis·ing, ad·ver·tis·es
v. tr.
To make public announcement of, especially to proclaim the qualities or advantages of (a product or business) so as to increase sales. See Synonyms at announce.

I think the "email me to find out more" spirit of your post is what counts as advertising. It would have been easy enough to link in the Usborne website. Of course, that would have been advertising, too. Just so much less obvious. Well, maybe.. a bit less, at any rate.

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