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Schoolboy has baby at 13

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oxocube Sat 03-Oct-09 11:04:00

A schoolboy aged 13 has become one of Britain's youngest fathers, it has been reported.
The boy, from Manchester, was "chuffed to bits" after his 16-year-old girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl this week, the Daily Mirror said.

His father told the paper: "My son is mature for his age and will make a good father. He will make a better dad than most 25-year-old men would."

The young couple's identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons. They are said to have been in a relationship for some time, although they did not go to the same school.

His father added: "He isn't bewildered about about what has happened. He was a bit shocked at first but now he's chuffed to bits."

How terribly sad. Although am more shocked at his dad saying he is not surprised and is really pleased sad

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