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'Female Orgasm Down to Genes' - are you diggin' it?

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JoolsToo Wed 08-Jun-05 10:05:14

I'm not convinced!

sounds like a cop out for men who are crap with the ladeeez!

edodgy Wed 08-Jun-05 10:08:54

i dont know but sometimes when i have tight genes on.......

almostanangel Wed 08-Jun-05 10:12:59

bah! who needs em bar of white chocolate and a cuppa tea.and a fresh bunch of fressias and im happy!

norash Wed 08-Jun-05 10:19:14

Hell no! I agree with you JoolsToo. Soon they'll tell us that some men being crap in bed is down to genes.

JoolsToo Wed 08-Jun-05 10:20:27

norash -

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