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PeedOffWithNits Wed 30-Sep-09 11:07:07

british toddler missing

how sad

nancy75 Wed 30-Sep-09 11:07:51

81 non british people dead - also quite sad

Simplistica Wed 30-Sep-09 11:12:35

It's all so awful

I do find it is easier to identify with any toddler as I have one myself, individuals tories are foten easier to 'get' than mass numbers I think which I (hopefully) think is why it's getting separate coverage

weegiemum Wed 30-Sep-09 11:14:44

I hate these "person dead is British therefore we shoudl pay more attention" stories.

I suspect many of the other 82 dead are babies, toddlers and young children. But htet are Samoan, not British, so we will never know.

LadyMidnightMT Wed 30-Sep-09 11:47:27

thats cos it's on yahoo UK page not samoa's. The Samoan's would do the same if of of their own was killed in a British tradgedy. It's not a demonstration of the evil west.

PeedOffWithNits Wed 30-Sep-09 12:00:54

ooops, I see how my OP might seem uncaring of all the other children and familes devastated by this. That was not the case, merely trying to point out that these things are not always as far removed from us as we think and that this family might actually be linked to a MNer. Or that as mums we can relate to how this family feel

i speak as someone who has lost a child themselves and find i am very affected by any sad news about children

but of course, the whole thing is dreadfully sad

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