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so before everyone here stops voting labour, can someone explain the tories childcare policies to me?

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ssd Wed 30-Sep-09 09:31:26

am a bit worried about all these nursery voucher threads, feel some voters won't vote labour because of this

but no one seems to know what the tories are planning - does anyone have an idea? I'd like to know, as I'm sure it won't be any better than what labour are planning to do..

ssd Wed 30-Sep-09 09:39:25

see, no one knows!!

that smug DC must love all this labour bashing without having to show his true colours on the subject

choosyfloosy Wed 30-Sep-09 09:47:12

inevitably the government is the one under scrutiny on this - quite right to a certain extent

Policy statement on Family

items that stood out to me (but I am a Labour supporter, read it yourself obv)

support for marriage in benefits system (ending 'couples penalty')
12 months parental leave shareable between parents (does this mean max 6 months each or can one parent take whole 12 mo?)

flowerybeanbag Wed 30-Sep-09 09:48:10

I don't know what their policies actually are, if indeed there are any, however when David Cameron came in for a webchat last year, I asked him the following, which he predictably ignored....



You are quoted as suggesting that 'the first test of any policy is: does it help families?'

Perhaps you could explain in the light of that comment why you voted

against the introduction of two weeks' paternity leave
against extending maternity leave
against family friendly hours in parliament
against increasing maternity pay
against working tax credits and child tax credits
against the right to request flexible working

I fully expect that either

1) You won't answer, because there's no good answer


2) You will quite rightly anticipate this to be raised in a webchat on a parenting forum and will have prepared a suitable response, in which case let's hear it.


hmm No answer given, as I said, so no expectation from me that their policies when they materialise will be any good.

choosyfloosy Wed 30-Sep-09 09:48:40

also support for 'mixed provision of childcare' - what springs to mind for me is reduced subsidy for council childcare, but that's not what it says exactly so that's prob my prejudices

Paolosgirl Wed 30-Sep-09 09:49:19

Who knew that the toadie Labour lot would shaft so many hardworking families in such an underhand way as to not even have the decency to announce the removal of vouchers during the speeches?

Before you go on about DC being smug, perhaps you should replay the conference, and watch HH, DM et al clapping and cheering whilst sticking 2 fingers up at anyone who dares to work in a job that happens to pay an half decent wage, live in their own home and have children, whilst claiming huge salaries themselves and not having to worry about where the hell they'll find approx £140 a month extra from.

I've stopped voting Labour. They lost me a months ago.

DoNotPressTheRedButton Wed 30-Sep-09 09:51:30

I e-mailed to ask about the proposed changes to Attendance Allowances and whether they will go on to DLA as they will leave many disabled people unable to claim (pasing responsibility on to SSd- but SSD have a far tighter remit of who to help than DLA currently covers, we wouldn't get it with two asd children for a start)- reply was policy on this not decided yet.

Great non answer there, i'd have respected (hated but respected) a bugger off mroe to be frank

thedollshouse Wed 30-Sep-09 09:53:27

I thought everyone had already stopped voting labour. I stopped voting for them when I realised that Tony Blair was a lying toerag, I know he is no longer on the scene but the rest of the cabinet are clearly incompetent. I don't like the alternative much either, don't know who I will be voting but it certainly won't be Labour.

WinkyWinkola Wed 30-Sep-09 10:14:37

And you reckon the rest of the politicians across the spectrum aren't lying toerags? grin

Between a rock and hard place. Again.

Callisto Wed 30-Sep-09 10:15:02

I should think the Tories are keeping their cards close to their chests until Labour have come out with all of their proposals. Every good idea the Tories have come up with has been pinched by Labour.

I actually can't believe anyone at all in the UK would even consider giving their vote to Labour any more. The party is amazingly hypocritical and dishonest.

choosyfloosy Wed 30-Sep-09 10:16:56

Yeah, who'd have believed that any party would have introduced any tax relief on childcare in the first place, or parental leave longer than 3 months?

StretchFucksTheMailDaily Wed 30-Sep-09 10:18:24

I vote Labour. Better the devil you know...

Crapweasel Wed 30-Sep-09 10:19:21

Marking my place on this thread for later.

I don't consider myself easily influenced or prone to knee-jerk reactions but I have to admit that after yesterday's news was the first time that I seriously considered voting Conservative.

ItsGrimUpNorth Wed 30-Sep-09 10:20:18

I'm sorry but that is most lame argument for not revealing policy. You might steal my ideas? Pathetic.

No. The Tories are not revealing their policies because they are loathe to commit to any and want to be given a carte blanche when they get into power.

And anybody who votes Tory and then complains at any surprise policies implemented has absolutely no right to do so. At all.

And that's from a non-Labour supporter but I'll be damned if I'll let any politician get away with not being very very clear about policy. That is how lying toerags get away with being lying toerags.

Give ALL politicians a hard time. Don't let them get away with that pathetic bleat, "You might steal my ideas," Oh fuck off. Copyright them then you worms.

Simplistica Wed 30-Sep-09 10:33:18

Well said itsgrim

I don't vote labour *or& tory- I looked around to find best fit- but best fit from actual policy not oh he looks OK and is better than X

spokette Wed 30-Sep-09 10:34:32

Yeah, why vote for a party that
gave the Bank of England independence,
introduced the minimum wage
introduce childcare vouchers in the first place even though the likes of Dandy Cameron and Boy George opposed them
Set up Sure Start
Introduced Civil partnerships
Insitgated the investigation into the bungling by the police into the murder of the Stephen Lawrence
Invested unprecedented amounts into both the NHS and state schools after years of chronic underfunding by the Tories (they don't use them so why invest in them)

Why vote for someone who was voted World Stateman of the year because those voting recognise the fact that GB led way in stabilising the world global financial meltdown and even the Americans had to follow his lead.

Why vote for someone like that indeed?hmm

Pluginbaby Wed 30-Sep-09 10:39:53

I have been a lifelong labour supporter and am angry at some of the new proposals. Would never vote Tory though as they will be worse for families, always have been.

However, it is good to get our concerns out in the open, hopefully the more we complain the more there is a chance our opinions will be listened to? I feel GB has been very badly advised

Paolosgirl Wed 30-Sep-09 11:12:28

Gave the Bank of England independence, and gave allowed the FSA to remain unchecked
Introuduced a minimum wage, which is not sufficient and which relies on the most complex, unhelpful tax system to make up the shortfall
Introduced Sure Start - not in Scotland, they didn't
Introduced civil partnerships - that would have happened under any party under EU human rights legislation I'm sure
Have invested in the NHS and schools in completely the wrong areas
More families than ever before living in poverty

And the ex Prime Minister and leader of the Labour party is now the highest earning ex PM ever in the UK.

Yeah, why on earth would you vote for them hmm

Callisto Wed 30-Sep-09 11:32:29

Spokette - for some reason I feel that taking money away from people just to then pay it back is not the most efficient way of helping people to work and pay for childcare. How about not paying the tax in the first place which would mean far less money is spent on admin which means the country as a whole is better off?

The Labour govt have mismanaged finance spectacularly in the time they have been in power. GB loves to tell us all how he singlehandedly averted global financial meltdown but doesn't say quite so much about how he was quite happy for the housing and financial bubbles to keep expanding, despite lots of warnings. He also, unforgivably, sold off the UK (for that read yours, mine and our childrens) gold reserves at the bottom of the market despite being told it was a stupid thing to do. He has thrown ridiculous amounts of money at the NHS and education, most of it wasted. The NHS is just about still working, though it could do with a complete overhaul, but state education is dreadful.

But for me the unforgivable things the Labour govt have done and the reason why I will never vote for them is the erosion of civil liberties 'for our own good'. So we now have a culture of blame where everyone/thing is at fault and nobody takes responsibility for their own actions, a culture of fear where every adult is a potential paedophile or terrorist and a ridiculous amount of new laws and regulations that prevent all of us from living our lives how we want to.

I will vote for DC on the day because I know that my civil liberties and those of my DD are safer with the Tories. They are traditionally a party of small government who trust the electorate to be responsible and law-abiding citizens without the need to regulate every teeny tiny aspect of our lives. If Labour get in again I will be leaving the country for good because a police state is where we are blindly heading with this govt.

Simplistica Wed 30-Sep-09 12:18:40

But a lot of the admin forCTC /WTC will rmain regardless as it is now how othre benefits (what used to be the child ppart of IS, family Credit and disability allowances) are paid; that would be a sensible option if it only delivered that type of support but it does not

atlantis Wed 30-Sep-09 12:30:14

100% agree with Callisto.

I also have a big bee in my bonnet about the government taking 40% of the rent from every council house in my area into it's coffers which has meant that not only do we not have enough money to maintain our housing stock to a high standard ( high standard by government definitions equates to it has four walls and a roof ) but we can not afford to run programmes of repair and replacement for tenants and are now having to 'dispose' of our social housing lock stock and barrel to an outside agency who will be allowed to keep 100% of the rents they collect and use them to improve the housing stock.

My area has also fought a ten year battle to keep our local hospital open and dispite promises by labour (at every local and national election ) that they would not close the hospital they eroded it's services (starting with maternity and the children's services ) until they have moved everything off site except a small out patient department. Our pensioners are especially suffer through this as they have to travel miles for care and some have been taken by ambulance to hospital and do not have the means to get back.

I also think it's shameful that Labour would not call an election until the very last minute because they knew they were going to lose and wanted to drain every last drop from the public purse and push through some bonkers policies, not to mention holding out in the hopes that they can ratify the eu treaty that should have gone to a public referendum.

scarletlilybug Wed 30-Sep-09 12:48:08

I'm assuming they'll be announced next week (at least in part), during the Tory party conference.

I doubt any party is going to give full details about its policies until an election date is announced, at which point they will all publish their manifestos. Not that a manifesto is any guarantee that a political party will actually do what they promise... (E.g European referendum) - and just because something isn't mentioned in the manifesto, doesn't mean it won't happen anyway (e.g. tuition fees).

spokette Wed 30-Sep-09 12:52:29

Well at least you have not blamed the immigrants for taking all the jobs. Dandy Dave will pull that one of the bag when the time is ready

DaisymooSteiner Wed 30-Sep-09 12:56:11

I recommend Robert Peston's book 'Who Runs Britain' for a thorough grounding in how Labour have shafted the less well-off and at the same time allowed the super-duper rich to get away with paying nothing or almost nothing in tax.

The gap between rich and poor has widened under Labour. My parents said I was naive for voting for them. Bugger, they were right.

swiftyknickers Wed 30-Sep-09 13:10:27

I'm with Spokette- Fear the day that ole DC gets in.

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