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BA to charge for seat reservations before check in - effective from 7 Oct

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EldonAve Sat 26-Sep-09 10:00:33

"Airline will charge up to £60 one way to secure a specific seat before check-in"

Looks like you will be exempted if you have an infant

Bucharest Sat 26-Sep-09 10:11:56 Lyingair are smiling smugly.....

PinkBunny Sat 26-Sep-09 16:41:57

But isn't the charge only for anyone wanting a particular seat, like on an exit row, or 1A for example? My understanding is that if you don't want a particular seat, there's no charge.

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks Sat 26-Sep-09 16:49:56

Its only going to be £10 in economy. £60 is for business class. At least you can reserve your seat rather than having a Ryanair rugby scrum.

EldonAve Sat 26-Sep-09 17:07:26

£20 for economy on long haul so that's £40 return

Buda Sat 26-Sep-09 17:11:58

Aer Lingus have been doing this for ages now (they are part owned by Ryanair unfortunately). I just don't do it. Nor do most people as far as i can see. Never had a problem getting a seat. Never had a problem getting a seat with DS and I would just refuse to sit down till the crew sorted it out if I did have a problem. But I am a stroppy cow!

I do check in early though so that maybe helps.

Am flying BA next month with DH and DS and will just kick up a fuss if we don't get seats together! But will check in online as soon as I can anyway so it should be ok.

EldonAve Sat 26-Sep-09 17:21:45

BA have also reduced their baggage allowances - so economy to the US you can only check one bag

Virgin is doing the same but not until late Nov

Buda Sat 26-Sep-09 17:35:41

Ohh Eldon - when in lat Nov do you know? I am off to NY with a friend in Nov! Mind you we are BA Budapest to London anyway and then Virgin to NY.

EldonAve Sat 26-Sep-09 18:13:56

Looks like new bookings after November 25. link

which is better than BA who have applied the new rules to existing bookings

MollieO Sat 26-Sep-09 18:19:50

Isn't an infant under 2? Does that mean I won't have to sit next to my 5 yr old when we go to South Africa next month?!

I can't see how they can enforce this change on those who have already booked. I imagine those with children will be okay as we get to check in earlier than those without.

EldonAve Sat 26-Sep-09 18:26:07

yes infant = under 2

I think the charging extra for the exit row seats is a bit dubious - what if people pay and are then deemed not able bodied enough

WebDude Tue 29-Sep-09 00:51:28

Going to be a real shock if/when I next fly... been ten years since last holiday, now I need darn biometric passport (just to open a new bank account so that's 75+ quid down the drain)

Not had any trips with new security in force... hmmm, maybe I will take a ferry or Eurostar instead, when I leave the UK for good!

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