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Labour Party spending cuts: education

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fembear Sun 20-Sep-09 10:08:33

It seems that Labour have given up on Education Education Education. Ed Balls is talking about cutting education spending.

Am I right in thinking that Mr Balls has no direct juristiction over Scottish and Welsh schools so all these cuts will be England-only?

edam Mon 21-Sep-09 13:27:23

think so but central govt. could reduce the amount it hands over to Scotland and Wales and NI (which get more public money per head than England, reflecting measures of relative deprivation IIRC).

Am sure there are some quangos that could be abolished (QCA?) and you could hold down the pay of those headteachers at academies who earn ludicrous amounts. AND people in local education authorities... although directors of education now responsible for social services are too I don't see why their pay should be held down.

In fact all public servants paid over £100K a year - ludicrous that so many council chief execs and directors and hospital chief execs are paid more than Gordon Brown, ffs. Six of them in my council earn more than £100k! (And no, they don't all run excellent services, very far from it.)

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