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Cowboy Trap BBC1 11.00am 24th September

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1legmummy Tue 15-Sep-09 23:36:47

on 24th September my Family are one of the families filmed.

Please watch and learn from our mistakes.

I dont think I will ever catch Sean Bundock, the man who did this to our family but I will never ever give up haunting him.

My whole family could have died. See our website and also facebook group - sean bundock - cowboy trap

Thanks for reading

1legmummy Fri 18-Sep-09 11:04:38


StrictlyAvadaKedavra Tue 22-Sep-09 07:49:52

Just giving this a bump for you 1legmummy as it's on this Thursday

1legmummy Thu 24-Sep-09 12:48:12

Thank you grin x x x x

StrictlyAvadaKedavra Thu 24-Sep-09 16:02:29

Ah you are so lovely What an awful thing to have happened angry I take it there's still no news on this despicable piece of shit?

I'm really glad you got Cowboy Trap involved and got at least some of the work sorted, is your DS still enjoying his new room?

1legmummy Fri 25-Sep-09 20:39:36

Thankyou, no news I am afraid. He did contact us a few months back and promise money but I think it was all a big joke. He is in South Africa, do you think it would be ok to put a message out asking if anyone has friends/relatives out there? - I need to warn them

Unfortunately Charlie got scared up there on his own so he is back downstairs.

Also I sold the hot tub sad loved it but it cost a bomb to run.

I have a group on facebook please feel free to join sean bundock - cowboy trap.

Thank you - you were the only one sad

TwoIfBySea Fri 25-Sep-09 20:50:37

Oh damn I meant to watch that, I usually do as I feel so for the people who are ripped off by these cowboys and love seeing the bad work put right.

I'll go see your facebook group. My cousin lives in SA so I'll pass this on to her.

1legmummy Fri 25-Sep-09 22:33:37

Thank you grin his Dad has a very succesful computer business and lives in Kloof.


ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Fri 25-Sep-09 22:39:05

I watched you! Just randomly as not normally watching tv at that time and I hadn't seen this before. Felt awful for you. Can you use the upstairs room for anything else? Sure your DS will enjoy it again when he gets a bit bigger xx

horsemadgal Sat 26-Sep-09 00:13:51

Gah I missed it.
Is it going to be repeated?

horsemadgal Sat 26-Sep-09 00:22:45

oo think on IPlayer. Anyone know the episode number please?

1legmummy Sat 26-Sep-09 14:29:47

I think its number 14 x

horsemadgal Sat 26-Sep-09 16:11:04

Fab, will settle down to it when kids in bed.

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