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elton john adoption

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mamaolivia Sun 13-Sep-09 16:05:03

Caught this on the news and strikes me as very odd and attention seeking.
Why would you go to another country, bond with a little boy, tell the whole world about it, without seemingly knowing how the hell to go about it or if it is even possible? Derr.....!
link here:

mamaolivia Sun 13-Sep-09 16:07:47

sorry, hope this link works: Baby-With-Partner-David-Furnish/Article/200909215380562?lpos=Showbiz_News_First_Media_Article_Teaser _Region__1&lid=ARTICLE_15380562_Sir_Elton_John_Says_He_Wants_To_Adopt_14-Month-Old_Ukrainian_Baby_Wi th_Partner_David_Furnish

TheDMshouldbeRivened Sun 13-Sep-09 16:07:58

seems a bit bizarre.

mamaolivia Sun 13-Sep-09 16:11:32

hopefully here!

mamaolivia Sun 13-Sep-09 16:13:01

bugger it, can't do links - go on google!

bumpsoon Sun 13-Sep-09 18:31:12

Saw this on the news this morning ,TBH felt like they had really taken a shine to the little boy and feel like they can offer him something being brought up in an orphanage cant

dizzymare Sun 13-Sep-09 18:35:20

I've already said this on another thread, but I really hope this happens for them. They would both make really wonderful parents and can offer this little boy so much!

2shoes Sun 13-Sep-09 18:51:03

I hope it happens for them, Thy are a solid couple who can give a wondeful home to a child.

BethNoire Sun 13-Sep-09 18:53:00

Yes, as the others said.

He met the child as a result of his Aids work in the Orphanage (disclaimer: I read that on teletext so if it is wrong..... oops), and it seems to be a positive thing.

LizzyBirdsworth Mon 14-Sep-09 12:30:34

Oh dear another highly publicised celebrity adoption.

The less I hear of Elton the prima donna, the better to be honest. If the proposed adoption becomes a reality I do sincerely hope he refrains from his usual public tantrums....

Will he make a good father though? Who knows... Hopefully he will be able to offer the little boy a better quality of life though.

TheCrackFox Mon 14-Sep-09 12:43:35

David Furnish would make a good dad. However, Elton has so many tantrums it would be difficult to see him being grown up enough.

Cute little boy, though. He does actually look like a tiny Elton John so I can see why they like him.

FuriousGeorge Mon 14-Sep-09 14:47:19

I can't help thinking that it is one law for the rich and famous and another for the rest of us.A friend was refused permission to adopt a child under 7 years old because she was over 40,despite the fact that women commonly have babies at this age and over.

Elton is creepy IMO.

Pennies Mon 14-Sep-09 14:49:44

Charity begins at home. What about all the gorgeous children here needing to be adopted by celebrities. Why do these celebs have to shop abroad for their conscience salving accessories.

UnquietDad Mon 14-Sep-09 14:50:30

I heard the item on the news with half an ear and thought the boy they were talking about was 14 years old, not 14 months...

I was sitting there with a hmm face on, especially when Elton talked about how cute he looked with David bouncing him on his knee...

LyraSilvertongue Mon 14-Sep-09 14:54:51

Aren't they kinda old to think about becoming first-time parents?

Nancy66 Mon 14-Sep-09 17:21:12

It's not going to happen. Ukranian minister has already come out and said that he's too old and they only adopt to male/female married couples.

2shoes Mon 14-Sep-09 17:28:09

aww that is a shame,

donnie Mon 14-Sep-09 18:26:30

no doubt he will throw the mother of all tantrums . Cue big hissy-fit.

morningpaper Mon 14-Sep-09 18:27:54

lol UQD

TwoIfBySea Mon 14-Sep-09 18:29:09

How long have Elton John and David Furnish been together? A good few years and I have to say that despite the fact I cringe when I see Madonna and Brangelina go shopping for their next child I did have an "awwww" moment when I heard Elton speak about the boy.

It would be good if this could change the attitude of the Ukrainians towards gay partnerships. As long as a child is going to a loving family who will care for them.

Ozziegirly Tue 15-Sep-09 06:04:48

It was a nice story. I can't help but think though that his money and celebrity could be better used to help more people by funding adoptions by Ukrainian couples of these children in orphanages. Then lots of children could be helped instead of just plucking one lucky child out.

Or even fund and build a new or a number of new orphanages, with fantastic facilities etc etc.

nooka Tue 15-Sep-09 06:52:42

I don't personally much like Elton John's music or persona, but he is one celebrity that has used his money and fame for a pretty good effect. His AIDs foundations (the reason why he was visiting Ukraine) have apparently raised over $150m since 1992 for people with HIV/AIDs (the little boy he fell for was HIV positive, which was why they met) across the world. So I think in this case it can't really be said that he wasn't helping in other ways already (and for a fairly significant period of time). Of course who knows how much of his personal fortune has gone to charitable endeavours, but his foundation is supposed to be a pretty significant one.

Anyway it will be interesting to see if he and his partner follow up on adoption in the U/Canada, or whether it was just this little boy that appealed (he did say that his much younger partner had been keen for a while). I did read that he has 10 godchildren, so I'm guessing that some people think he is good with kids!

NB I can't believe I've just researched Elton John blush

MorrisZapp Thu 17-Sep-09 15:31:07

Shouldn't adoption take place when the motive of the parents is that they want to become adoptive parents, not that they have seen a child they like?

I think I'm right in saying that Elton John is 62, in which case it's a nonsense for him to apply for adoption, surely.

nooka Fri 18-Sep-09 01:16:21

Apparently his partner has been wanting to adopt for some time, which (if true) would mean the issue probably had been discussed and mulled over, oh and EJ apparently had thought he was too old and away too much, but anyone can get broody I guess - how many people decide to have a baby on meeting someone else's baby and realising that actually perhaps having a baby might be nice?

mayorquimby Fri 18-Sep-09 10:52:20

i have no real opinion on elton ohn, think he's a bit of a twat but at least he's himself and often fights his corner which i like. plus he sang "our song" so he can't be all bad.
but i do think it's idiotic to go to a country and expect to be able to circumvent their laws (wether or not i agree with those laws) and announce t to the world press.

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